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Arthur Julius SLADDEN (1872-1940)

Biographical Details

Arthur Julius Sladden (1872-1940) was the nephew of Julius Sladden, being the son of Julius’ elder brother, Dilnot (1842-1906).

Arthur Julius Sladden was born on 27th August 1872 at Oxford, Canterbury, New Zealand, the fourth of 11 children of Dilnot and Elizabeth Sladden (given Julius as his middle name after his father’s brother).  He grew up in the Oxford district of Canterbury and he and his siblings were known collectively as “the Oxford Eleven”.

Letters reveal that Arthur wanted to join the army, but Bernard felt it was his duty to go being much the younger of the two.  Arthur spent time with Bernard on the ranch before he enlisted; the ranch was too valuable to give up altogether as it had cost years of labour in clearing scrub and trees.  Bernard felt that Arthur was managing it splendidly, especially considering he was more used to office work in a bank. 

Arthur Sladden never married.  He died on 12th May 1940 and was buried at Taranga Anglican Cemetery.

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