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Frederick Lyon BROWN CONSTABLE (1864-1942)

Known As
Uncle Fred; Uncle Fred BC (to distinguish from Fred Mourilyan)
Biographical Details

Frederick Lyon Brown Constable (1864-1942), known as Fred, was the uncle of Mela Brown Constable (the fiancée of Cyril Sladden).

Fred Brown Constable was born on 15th May 1864 at Cheltenham, the seventh of 12 children of Charles Brown Constable by his second wife, Mary Christina (née Mackenzie).  His father was a retired Lieutenant-Colonel in the Indian Army.

Fred was a tea planter in India.  Following the death of his older brother, Harry, he was briefly in England in 1916 but returned to India in September.  There was controversy over his brother’s will.

On retirement, Fred returned to England and lived at Daisies, Southborough, Kent, together with his youngest sister, Clemmie.  He died on 22nd June 1942 at Ticehurst House, Ticehurst, Sussex.

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