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April 24th 1919 - Letter from Mela Brown Constable to her fiancé, Major Cyril E Sladden

24th April 1919
Correspondence From
Mela Brown Constable, Riverwoods House, Marlow-on-Thames
Correspondence To
Major Cyril E Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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Riverwoods House

April 24th 1919

My own dear Cyril

Barbara brought me your letter on her return from town. I did not go to see Miss Timpson because she could only see me at 6.30 pm! I have written and asked her to see me either on Saturday or Monday at 2 pm whichever is the most convenient. I expect I shall hear in the morning. Mother and Bar went up together, and met Betty. The hats chosen by them sound magnificent!

The fish knives and forks have come and are to be from Uncle Fred BC. We also have the promise of a silver plated cream jug and sugar basin very nearly the pattern of the silver tea pot you had left you. The Canteen is under weigh so to speak, some are being sent on approval.

Mother hopes to get up to town again tomorrow to finish buying a little more linen towards our little store. I believe a silver butter dish and bread fork is coming along also from someone.

Maud Wall sent me a very charming little silver box – it is quite lovely in its way – suitable for holding cigarettes or for putting on a “silver” table or else for one’s toilet table.

Money flies fast these days and I am afraid I shall have to encroach upon my little nest egg which I had so much hoped to preserve intact. However it cannot be helped and while one is getting married I suppose one must get married properly! Don’t be surprised if I have barely a farthing to my name!

It is sweet to read in your letter that you miss me. I miss you too, very, very much – but I think we both get through more work than when we are together.

I don’t dread the actual ceremony but I dread the time just before when people will want to see me. If you get the chance you might mention to the girls that I shall be much happier (if they will not mind) with just Betty and Bar. They told me they wanted to see me dressing for the ceremony but I really do not feel I want a lot of people about me. After all one ought to keep one’s mind on the sacredness of what is coming, rather than on the dresses etc.

I do so want my mind to be tranquil and my thoughts centred on the beauty of the whole thing – and if the girls come round me I know I shall feel fussed and bothered. I just want to be quiet and calm with as few outside distractions as possible. I hope you will not think me very selfish.

I am going to get a box sprung mattress with horse hair mattress on top if possible. These last best and are the most comfortable. The bed you slept in here has a box spring.

I may possibly write again tomorrow. It is now 10.30 pm and I want to have a tub before going to bed.

It is not much more than a week now, dear Heart. I simply daren’t dwell on the thought of the joy of it all. It is so overwhelming.

God bless you dear. All my love.

Ever your devoted

PS – Am so glad May is picking up. Please spare them (the family) a bit of the “all” which I sent you.

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