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Worcestershire - Badsey: Badsey Council School

Badsey Council School (now known as Badsey First School) is located on School Lane, Badsey.  A National School had opened in the village in 1854 at a location on the High Street but, in 1893, a new school was built on the road which was to become known as School Lane.  Its name at that time was Badsey Board School but, in 1903, it became known as Badsey Council School.  At the start of World War I, there were 222 pupils on roll.

The school is mentioned in several letters, usually when the children were making items for soldiers, or collecting parcels to send to prisoners of war.  In May 1915, Mela Brown Constable says in a letter that it was the venue for a lecture on the progress of the wary.

Letters mentioning this place: