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January 12th 1914 - Letter from Arthur Sladden to his mother, Eugénie Sladden

12th January 1914
Correspondence From
Arthur Sladden, 1 Park Road, Regents's Park, NW
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Eugénie Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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1 Park Road
Regents Park NW

Monday Jan 12th

My dear Mother

I haven’t written for some time, but knew you had news of me through May. Mary and I have had a very busy and very happy time together, and many things have happened since I last wrote. The flat is taken, at least I have the agreement before me ready for signature and I think it will prove a good bargain as flats go in this part of London. It has a lift! And in any case is only 1½ floors up; central hot water supply to the building, and this I am assured from two independent sources is genuine, and not tepid or inconstant. Electric light and gas laid on for any fireplaces one likes, 3 sitting rooms, 3 bedrooms, good bath and good kitchen, also good cupboards. I am taking a 3-year lease as they wouldn’t let for less, but if it were desirable later on I should be allowed to sub-let and it doesn’t appear at all difficult to find tenants.

I shall take it from Feb 8th, but very likely shall have possession before as the present tenant says she is leaving this week. That is a bit earlier than is necessary, but it will allow plenty of time for getting things in order before the wedding.

Mary is going to make the curtains at home as we are going to economise in that direction.

Having studied a good many shops and catalogues we decided to try Hamptons first (Father sent me on their sale list) and were so pleased with their goods and prices that we did most of our buying there; even if I had had time to run all over London I doubt if there would have been any substantial advantage gained, and as I found it difficult to get much time free, I’m sure our decision was good.

Mary is splendid to shop with, quite decided and level-headed about things, and as our tastes appear to be similar we both came away pleased with the selections made.

This evening I have been busy and we have only met over the phone today. Tomorrow I am arranging to have lunch with her and see her off at Paddington.

Aunt George wrote today and has sent a present of £25 to be spent as we please, with a suggestion that we might like to buy plate with it. It is kind of her to send such a good present, and we shall certainly buy something “permanent” with it; she wrote such a cordial letter also.

It is very cold and trying to snow here today, a sudden change from Saturday’s mildness.

I got over to Sydenham for tea and supper yesterday.

Dr Horder returns tomorrow evening, and the Met has also been specially busy lately, so my time is likely to be full up for a while.

With much love to all at home.

Your loving son

I’ll arrange for Aunt Lottie to be invited to the wedding.

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