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February 11th 1917 - Letter from Clara Brown Constable to The Secretary of the War Office

11th February 1917
Correspondence From
Clara Brown Constable, 67 Grande Rue, Boulogne sur Mer
Correspondence To
The Secretary, War Office, London SW
Text of Letter

67 Grande Rue, Boulogne sur Mer

February 11 1917

Re C2 Casualties 9/14 London Regt/157


I thank you for your letter intimating the death of my dear son on the 1st July, from evidence gathered from 6546 Pte G Robertson of the same Regt.  There seems no doubt my son was killed, or died of wounds that day.

May I draw your attention to the fact that my son received his second star in May 1916, was gazetted that month, and so to allow the notice of his death to appear as Lieutenant, not Second Lieutenant. 

Will you allow me to be informed as to whether I am entitled to a pension as my son supported me up to the time of his volunteering in Sep 1914.  He gave up all to serve his King and country and was out in France 10 days after he joined the LS and went through every battle with his Regiment up to the time of his death.  On the 1st July he was the first man to reach the German trenches.  His Colonel offered him a commission 4 months after the came out for conspicuous deeds on the battlefield.  So he has gone full of glory.

My second son is now attached to the 3rd Essex Felixstowe and I understand he applied to be appointed to the Indian Army.  He too has done his duty by having gone through the GSW African campaign with General Botha and then offered himself for the Imperial army.  I plead for him to be sent to India, this may spare him to me.  He is the only one of his generation bearing his name.

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Type of Correspondence
Letter on double sheet of notepaper, edged in black on first page
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The National Archives