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March 18th 1906 - Letter from Cyril Sladden to his sister, Kathleen Sladden

18th March 1906
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Cyril Sladden, Christ College, Brecon
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Kathleen Sladden, The High School, Monmouth
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Christ College, Brecon

March 18th 1906

My dear Kathleen

I was going to write to you last Sunday, but as I had to send May’s diary on to Jack, and I could not write three letters, so I put off writing to you until this week. I am looking forward very much to seeing Mother tomorrow. She will arrive about half past two. There is to be a half holiday so that the chaps will be able to go out with friends all the afternoon. The confirmation will be at half past six. Mother will of course have to stop the night in Brecon.

How many years ago is it that you and May were confirmed, I can just remember it. I well remember George being confirmed at Bancrofts four years ago. I had two picture postcards of South Island from May last week. Her trip there must have been delightful. The steeplechase is to be on Wednesday. Steeplechases are horrible things unless you are a pretty good runner, you have to run about five miles, going as hard as you can all the time, and then when you are about 100 yards from the winning post when you are almost dropping you very often have to run for all you are worth to keep in front of someone behind. Unfortunately I am in the senior this year which means a course of at least half as long again as the juniors (under 15) course. The sports will be on the Monday before we go home, the 2nd of April. We go home on the 4th. I have forgotten to thank you for your letter. I had quite a lot of letters about a week ago, my home letter with one from Judy on Saturday, yours on Sunday, a letter from Arthur and two postcards from May early in the week. What day do you go home?

I have remembered that it is your birthday next Sunday, it is rather early to send my best wishes, but better early than never isn’t it? I hope you have been having a less dull (I nearly made the mistake of saying a more pleasant) time than last term. I have had a little gym this term, not a great deal, but enough to keep up my old work.

The maths master here was ill some weeks ago, and as he is not strong decided to leave. The new master is liked pretty well by everybody I think, I get on quite well with him. I should have preferred the old one to have stayed however. I must end now as I want to go out and get some air
I remain your affectionate brother

Cyril E. Sladden

P.S. I wonder if we shall finish Lorna Doone next holidays, CES

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With grateful thanks to Felicity Kilpatrick, former archivist at Christ College, Brecon, for transcribing this letter.
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Envelope containing 1 double sheet of notepaper
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Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service
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