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June 8th 1891 - Letter from Eugénie Sladden to her husband, Julius Sladden

8th June 1891
Correspondence From
Eugénie Sladden, Marshgate House, Richmond
Correspondence To
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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Marshgate House

8th June 1891

My darling Husband,

I must write you a few lines this evening as I shall be going out early tomorrow to see Dr Parmely about my teeth, I have an appointment with him at half past ten.  At the same time I am going to get my spectacles; when Fred found I was going to have some, he insisted on giving them to me & that I should go to “Carpenter & Westley” & get a thorough good pair; it is funny how kind he can be in some ways & so strange in others.

Fanny & I enjoyed the pictures at the Academy on Saturday, there are some very good ones, I particularly liked one called the Doctor & one of  little child helping an old boatman to row in a boat, the faces of the two are charming.

What a nuisance the Court of Lunacy are!  I have sent the certificate back to the Doctor at Bourg together with a letter, explaining what they want him to add; the fact is I don’t believe they understand his French.  This afternoon Polly & I called on the Robert Irvines; they are staying in lodgings here for a time; he looks quite an old man now, & his hair is almost white.  We were thinking of going up to see Mrs Irvine in London today, but we should have to have gone by underground railway & we thought it would be so unpleasantly crowded on account of the omnibus strike, strikes seem to be following me like my shadow!

Fanny Butler comes back from Paris tonight & I am to spend the day with her on Wednesday.  The girls took me on the river again this afternoon, they like to get me as chaperone as they are not allowed to go without either a gentleman or a married lady & Harry does not get home till nearly dinner time.

I must write a few lines to the little boys, I hope you are all keeping quite well, with much love

I remain
Your loving wife

Eugénie N Sladden

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