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November 5th 1915 - Letter from Ethel Sladden to her mother, Eugénie Sladden

5th November 1915
Correspondence From
Ethel Sladden, at The Cliffe Bungalow, South Lancing, Sussex
Correspondence To
Eugénie Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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At The Cliffe Bungalow
South Lancing

My dear Mother

I have been reading the paper and must now write to you before I go out presently. It is another nice morning, sunny, but the wind is here. We had breakfast earlier this morning, as Mrs Bowden has gone to London for the day, she had a committee meeting she wanted to attend. I walked down to the station with her and have since been reading and must now get letters done. Mr Bowden comes down with his wife this evening. I am the only visitor now, Miss Brandon left a week ago. As I write this I am looking out over the sea, both sitting rooms have a lovely view, and two bedrooms look out over the sea also, mine for one. An aeroplane has been circling around for the last hour, it is fascinating watching them, they do make a big noise. Here it comes again as I write; there is an aerodrome at Shoreham two or three miles down the coast.

On Wednesday we had an early lunch and took the 12.40 bus to Brighton; it goes along the coast road, it is 9 miles there. I was quite summery and warm middle day and we walked down the front at Brighton and sat about a little too, a sea-plane came in and went off again while we were there, it was the first I had seen. Mrs Bowden had a little shopping to do, and then we had tea and came back by the 5.15 bus the last one now, as no lights are allowed on them, it was fairly dark when we got back just after six o’clock, the buses have to go very carefully in the half light. Yesterday we had a lovely motor run in the afternoon, through Worthing to Arundel, and back by Littlehampton, about 40 miles. There is a garage belonging to this bungalow, and the Bowdens’ friends, the Turners, who are backwards and forwards from town to the bungalow next door, keep their motor in it, and Mrs Bowden can use the car if she likes when they are away, if she can get a driver, so she suggested a run yesterday as it was fine. We were out about two hours from 2.15. We wrapped up well and I was not cold except hands and feet just as we got in. We were facing the east wind the last few miles back along the coast.

I saw that Packmann is giving a recital at Hove Town Hall this afternoon, and suggested treating myself to hear him, however Mrs Bowden insists on giving me my ticket which is very kind of her, so I am having an early lunch here, and going in to Brighton by the bus and shall come back by train, perhaps meeting the Bowdens on the way if they get down as soon as 6.25. I feel quite a lazy thing enjoying myself and doing no work when I think of you all busy at home.

I hope things are going on well, I wonder if Ada has given notice yet! I suppose Father will very soon be busy with canvassing. Shall be interested hearing whether it meets with any success in Badsey. I may see Mrs Price and her children on Sunday; it is Gwen’s half-term and the former is coming down to Brighton for it, and they may come over here. I believe Tom comes out here every Sunday, I shall be quite interested to see them again. I fancy Mrs Price is as erratic as ever. The Bowdens are staying down rather longer after all, until the 17th probably, so expect me home when you see me! I could stay with them until Xmas if I wanted to! I have written to Aunt Lizzie asking if I could go over on the 16th for a couple of days, I hope I shall be able to. If it does not suit her I must go over for the day some time next week. I hope Baby’s cold is better. I do miss the dear mite, give her a kiss from me!

I must close for the present. Give Mary my love, I hope her mouth is more comfortable.

With much love to you all.

I remain
Your affectionate daughter
Ethel N Sladden

PS – I hope you have not been very worried with people calling about all manner of things, and that May has not had too much writing to do about the Belgians. I wonder what will happen about Greece now, it will be very interesting to watch for the next week. I do hope they may come in with the Allies now.

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