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August 20th 1914 - Postcard from George Sladden to his mother, Eugénie Sladden

20th August 1914
Correspondence From
George Sladden, St Albans
Correspondence To
Eugénie Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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Transport Section
15th Battalion Company of London
4th London Infantry Brigade
2nd London Division
St Albans


My dear Mother

I began a postcard two days ago but I was Orderly Corporal that day, so I duly finished six words beyond the address yesterday. I was too busy to start, even. The Section is raw and inexperienced at present. Later on I hope to have more spare time. You will see from the address whereabouts we are. We are billeted by companies over an area round about and I expect that I shall be here for some while; but, of course, it is impossible to say where we may move to at any time. I am glad to hear that Cyril is taking up service. I saw Arthur’s after his plans were complete. He was very keen indeed – as keen as Mary was dejected. I hope he will get to a hospital where there will be work for him. I had a communication from the Army Command yesterday; they are granting leave at full pay during the course of the war to all members of the King’s Horses. The remaining members of the staff are to do the work of the absentees, without emolument in overtime. I think this is a fair arrangement as regards the men not on service, and a very generous one as regards those who are. When next you write, could you send me a little thin note paper with envelopes (not too much – one does not want to be encumbered with too much baggage). I am not like Ethel; I hate corresponding by means of postcards. I had a letter from May this morning, also some enclosed necessaries – boracic powder etc. It seems strange to think that but for the vanity of an Emperor and the pride of a Class, I might have been by the sea at the present time, civilised, clean and at leisure. At this point I have had three fruitless attempts to continue, broken each time by duties lasting an hour or more each so you see I am writing as much as I can, although the result is so small.

Love to all from

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