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December 29th 1884 - Letter from Julius Sladden to his wife, Eugénie Sladden

29th December 1884
Correspondence From
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
Correspondence To
Eugénie Sladden, c/o C Butler Esq, Gloucester House, Claremont Road, Surbiton
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Dec 29/84

My Dearest Wife,

The evening has passed so quickly with various little occupations that it is nearly bed time before I sit down to my promised letter.

I got down to Evesham very punctually and things seem to have gone on pretty well in my absence although I can see I shall have my hands full for a time to get everything straight and in working order.  I arrived home soon after six and at my ring Jack and May rushed to the door to let me in and began to tell me as fast as they could of all their doings and presents etc. etc., they had been eagerly looking for me all day.  Baby looks jollier than ever, notwithstanding a slight cold, I hear he stands nicely by a chair and his nurse thinks he will soon walk, he quite smiled when he saw me so I don’t think he will forget his mother.  Dear little Ethel looks so bonnie and is in fact very well she has got on with her talking they say.  May hopes you will come back when you are “nearly well” and they want Kitty home again.  I think it will take Jack a long time to tell me everything he wants to say.  The enclosed letter I found came this morning, the cheque I have put by till you return.  There are Xmas cards for you from Mrs Gill, Mrs Crane & Mrs Burrows, the latter enclosing one for Jack, she appears by the post mark to be with Mrs Heath.

I have been making up the children’s bank accounts, I was under the impression that Baby’s money was in your drawer but I find Ethie still has the broken box and Baby banks in the new one in the drawing room, this is so is it not?  I will keep this letter open to enclose a receipt for your father which please hand him with my thanks.  I found we had no firkins of Stout in stock in good condition but tasted an 18 gallon cask which seemed in nice order, please give my love to Fanny and tell her I send it to her as a New Year’s gift with a hope that she may be able to take some of it and that the coming year may bring her better health and strength.  And now, darling, how are you.

I have been wondering how you got up and down-stairs without me to-day. Let me know how Lily gets on I am afraid that child is hardly strong enough to stand such illness.  I really have not had time enough to ask about many things so must give you more news in my next. I must now drop my Mother a line.

I shan’t mind being alone for a little while if I hear you are gaining strength and keeping in good spirits, so mind and take plenty of nourishment, so plentiful at Gloucester House, and get a strong little wifey as quickly as possible.  My love to all.  The chickies send love and lots of kisses to dear Mamma and with much from myself believe me ever
Your loving Husband

Julius Sladden

I will send you an Evesham Journal.  The Stout may be tapped at once on arrival and the quicker draught it has the better.

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