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July 3rd 1889 - Letter from Julius Sladden to his wife, Eugénie Sladden

3rd July 1889
Correspondence From
Julius Sladden, Evesham
Correspondence To
Eugénie Sladden, Madame Gratrix, 36 Rue St Didier, Avenue Malakoff, Paris
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July 3/89

My Dearest Wife,

I am afraid you may have been a little disappointed in not receiving a letter from me before, but I did not have your address till Monday afternoon when I called at the post office and was agreeably surprised to find your Sunday letter that evening.  Mr Gepp and Mr Underhill came in and stopped till late and on Tuesday morning I started for London by the first train and did not return till the last however I told Jack to write a few lines which I hope you have received before now.  I have just been to the Post Office this afternoon but find no letter so rather conclude you are on your errands to Bourg.  We were very glad to have any account of your journey and news of your safe arrival, as the sea was so calm could you not have managed to dispose with the sea sickness.

The two girls have gone to Bretforton to-day, as Mrs Ashwin altered it to Wednesday, Cull is to drive them there and Jack will walk over for them, I told him he might play with Douglas if he could find him.  Jack has kept top of his classes so far, the girls do their lessons very fairly and May says Arthur reads much better than he usually does with you.

To-morrow I start for Pandy and shall not be at home till late.  The Byrchs have postponed their tennis party till Friday so I may perhaps drop in there for an hour or two.  I hear Mrs Carry  called with two ladies to see the roses on Monday.  Phyllis did not know them but Roberts told her it was Mrs C.   To-day I met Mrs Smith of the Bridge and find she and her daughter were the other two ladies. It appears Phyliss was clearing up and could not take them round so called for Jack who was in his shirt sleeves, having left his coat upstairs, of course he could not think to fetch or send for it so took them round as he was accompanied by Arthur who was also a grub, the others I suppose were out I think it must have been a fine sight.  

As May did not go to Bretforton yesterday I got Mrs Gepp to let her children come and Helen came too escorted by Kate, they all had tea on the lawn and seem to have been very happy .  May is keeping at my suggestion a sort of diary of their doings which she will forward to you as the sheets fill.  Kathleen has begun a letter to Ethel of course it is rather a muddle, I must forward it in a day or two and enclose a few lines.

The little boys blew kisses to Mother out of their window this morning, they are good children and seem happy enough.  I enjoyed the Rose Conference and met a large number of Rosarians.

I shall hope to hear shortly that you have concluded the business portion of your trip so that you can devote the remainder to sleep and amusements.

How are your father and all other friends, make proper messages to all of them please.  All the chicks send love and kisses and with a large measure from myself believe me ever

your loving Husband

Julius Sladden

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