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May 7th 1903 - Letter from Julius Sladden to his wife, Eugénie Sladden

7th May 1903
Correspondence From
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
Correspondence To
Eugénie Sladden, c/o Mrs Coleman, Rosway, Deal
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May 7/03

My Dearest Wife,

I will write this evening and then I expect you will get the letter before starting for Ash, if you go there as projected, and I think I will enclose a few lines for Judy which you can read to her.

This morning being fine I cycled to Redditch but had to put in at Irons Cross for nearly half an hour on account of heavy rain, when it cleared I went on to Astwood Bank and soon after my arrival down came the rain worse than ever, when it cleared again I proceeded to Redditch and, not being detained long there, on to Alcester where I just caught the 2.20 train and escaped another shower, on my return to Evesham I found there had been scarcely any wet there!  I have now ridden just about 100 miles on my new machine and am getting fairly well at home with it, I could not have covered the ground in the same time on the old one.

I will enclose a letter from Dil which you can hand round and ask them to return to George from Folkestone, I also send one as to the Badsey nurse question which arrived this morning.

I almost think I shall go and see Dr Wright on Monday instead of Tuesday as it will not then interfere with my Alcester journey, I propose to go by the 11.56 and back by the last 6.50, I shall try and arrange to see Jack for an hour or so, on my return I will of course write and tell George what arrangement I have come to.

I shall be glad to know what you think of Grannie, according to George they consider her getting very feeble indeed, he rather thinks of going to see her soon but you are not to say anything about it.

I should think you might arrange to go to Norwich about 22nd or 23rd and I would try and meet you if possible, I see I can get a cheap week end ticket as far as Cambridge and back for 10/6 you would of course go from London and return there, having your ticket back here, in hand, the only difficulty is Judy, you will have to see what can be done about her.

I hope you are getting better weather at Deal and that George seems fairly well after his long detention.

We have no further news about Mr Allsebrook, the Surveyor for dilapidations came yesterday I believe.

If you post me a letter on Saturday evening I shall get it before leaving for London but if you are busy, you must write on Sunday and then I should find the letter on my return. 

How do the French lessons go?

I hope you are feeling freshened by the sea air.

With much love
I remain
Your affectionate Husband

Julius Sladden

Love to George & Auntie

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