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April 20th 1912 - Letter from Julius Sladden to his wife, Eugénie Sladden

20th April 1912
Correspondence From
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
Correspondence To
Eugénie Sladden, Belgrave Hotel, Torquay
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Seward House

Apr 20/12

My dearest Wife,

We have been pleased to have frequent news of you since your departure.  If the weather has been as warm with you to-day as with us I can fancy you have been able to sit out and enjoy the sun, you have started going out to tea at an early stage! it was polite of Mrs Balleine to call so soon.  

Judy meant to write to you to-day but she went for a cycle ride with Cyril early in the afternoon and to tea at Mrs Ashwin’s afterwards with Kathleen, probably she will write to you to-morrow.

Ethel’s new dress came this morning and has been duly displayed to us and Miss Holmes and appears to give general satisfaction, I tell her she will “knock the Torquay people on the old Rock walk”.

I think you and May will approve when you see it as it seems in good taste and quite out of the common.

I have had invitations to a meeting of Ruling Councillors in London on May 9th and to an important Conservative Conference next day and I have rather decided to go as Kathleen says they can put me up for a night or two, I could then have the “scaffolding put up” for a new dress suit and might also be able to look up Aunt George but do not say anything to her if you are writing in case I might not be able to go, of course I should advise her later on.

The enclosed letter from Fanny you may like to see also one from Arthur although I see he has written to you, you need not return them, did you write to him this week, I see you ought to write to Jack next week some time.

I was sorry to hear your eye was troublesome again and hope the drops arrived safely so that you can have it seen to properly and then I hope it will soon get right again.

Kathleen says she will add a few lines for May, to go with this.

I am getting on with the pruning and to-morrow being Wickhamford Sunday I shall probably do some more in the morning.

I saw the Parson to-day and we have arranged to give the collections on 28th to the “Titanic” fund, what an appalling disaster it was, one hardly feels equal to reading about it even, the heroism displayed recalls the old story of the Birkenhead.

Much love to you & May

Your affectionate Husband

Julius Sladden
Hope the hotel is quite to your liking.

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