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September 25th 1915 - Letter from Kathleen Sladden to her mother, Eugénie Sladden

25th September 1915
Correspondence From
Kathleen Sladden, 12 Charleville Circus, Sydenham
Correspondence To
Eugénie Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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12 Charleville Circus
Sydenham SE

Sep 25 1915

My dear Mother

Jack and I propose if fine to go off for the day tomorrow, taking the train to Dorking and then walking up Leith Hill probably. So I will write now as I may be sleepy when we get back tomorrow.

I was very much interested to hear about Muriel and ever so glad everyone likes Mr Thelwall. I should think it is quite the shortest engagement on record but one cannot quite call it “marrying in haste” and I hope it will be very happy. I must write to her in a day or two when she is back and if May and Ethel are giving her a wedding present, I should like to join.

I am very glad Mary is bringing the baby to Badsey soon. After that I hope we shall see her here. I have not heard from her yet in answer to a long letter. I wrote last Sunday but hope to hear soon and then get on with arrangements. Mrs Horsman is a little dismayed at the amount of work it will mean but is finding Margaret very expensive and is really glad of the opportunity to earn rather more, so between that and the fact that she is attached to us and does not want to move she is prepared to undertake it. I think it is safe to take it on under those conditions; she may be relied on, having undertaken the work, to do it well I am sure and I fancy with the extra help we shall have she will not find the work quite so heavy as she expects; if as I expect she gets very fond of the baby she will be happier about it too.

How are your domestic affairs? Is there any prospect of a maid? I am sorry you have a cough and hope you will soon shake it off before the weather gets colder.

If Ethel has any eggs to spare we should be quite glad of some. They are 2½ each here. Also I do not know if you have more tomatoes than you will use. Mrs H has got the two enclosed recipes for unripe tomato marmalade and pickles and if you had any unripe ones to spare she might try one or other of them. I sent them to you in case you like to use them. I do not suppose you have any great quantity of beans now, or she would rather like to put a few down in salt to try, but we could buy some for that perhaps, they are very cheap now.

It has been a nice day and Jack and I went down to tennis for a little while. They are going on until 6.30 now and in return get every alternate Saturday afternoon. I am so glad this one was fine for him. I wonder if you have any further news of Cyril or George. I have written to both just lately. This letter must go if it is to catch the evening post. Much love to you all.

From Kathleen.

PS – I will write soon to May.

I forgot to say I enclose this certificate for Ethel to deal with. I have written a note to explain about it. Perhaps she could get it sent to the Evesham Rural District Council Offices, wherever they are; evidently it was sent in mistake for hers.

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