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Francis Dalgarno GILLIO (later GILLIOT DE BERHILLEUX) (1911-1935)

Known As
Biographical Details

Francis Dalgarno Gillio (1911-1935), known as Dalgarno, was the great-nephew of Eugénie Sladden, being the grandson of her sister, Mary Anna Robinson.  He is mentioned in most of the letters written by his grandmother.

Dalgarno was born at Folkestone, Kent, the only son of Joseph John and Anna Magdalene Gillio (née Robinson).  He was brought up in a largely single-parent household as his father was working overseas for most of the time.

An entry in The London Gazette reveals that in adulthood, Dalgarno changed his surname by deed poll on 6th December 1933 from Gillio to Gilliot de Berthilleux.  He went to live in Hong Kong on Stonecutter’s Island where he died on 12th May 1935.  His mother, Anna, was executor of his will; he left effects of £10,831 13s 4d.

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