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January 11th 1915 - Letter from Polly Robinson to her sister, Eugénie Sladden

11th January 1915
Correspondence From
Polly Robinson, Marshgate House, Richmond
Correspondence To
Eugénie Sladden, no address given but assumed to be at Seward House, Badsey
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Marshgate House

11th January 1915

My dear Eugénie

Thank you and Julius very much for the pretty little book of Carols you sent me. I thank you also for a letter you wrote me in December. Yesterday week Jack came to see us and told us about your Christmas, it was nice for Nora to be with you after her so recent sorrow. I hope Kathleen is better now for it must be so trying for her to suffer with rheumatism in her foot when she must do a certain amount of walking every day, if it does not get better soon, perhaps she will try electricity for it as you did, I believe with very good effect. Yesterday Harry came to see us having a few hours’ leave. I had not seen him since the 18th October, he seemed well although he was inoculated on Thursday against typhoid, I am glad he has had it done. I think he will soon be leaving the nice ladies who have been so kind to him, since he has been with them but the Officers are now taking a house between them and will then be all together. I don’t know where he will move to next but probably somewhere else.

Yesterday Dalgarno came to church for the first time since his baptism and behaved very nicely, he was told he was not to talk, only sing, so he said he would only sing Tipperary. Anna and I started before he and Nurse did and he was rather disappointed because he thought we were all going together, still when he arrived and saw us in the pew he gave such a happy smile. Last Wednesday we had our Christmas tree party and it was much enjoyed. I am sure many if not all the children liked to have something to send to the soldiers or sailors at the end after the lottery when as a rule they have something special for themselves. One big girl has two brothers at the front in the trenches and their mother is very anxious about them. Mr Faithfull-Davies has two brothers serving in some form and his wife a brother who has come from Australia, he is at present in Egypt. A few days ago we had a telegram from Ethelwyn saying could we put her up which of course we could easily do, Courtney who had gone again to the front before Christmas had been sent back and is in hospital again at the Fishmonger’s Hall, his hand can’t clasp anything and his nerves are upset, he was much too soon out of the hospital before and returned too soon to work, I hope this time they will keep him longer and that after that he will have a complete rest, but of course he is most anxious to be at work again. Ethelwyn is able to see a good deal of him every day, he is having massage for his wrist which he ought to have had before but hardly had any. Fred has gone to Paris for a short visit. I expect he thought he could see to a little business there. Florence is very much better and they are very comfortable in Selena’s house at Clifton and find her servants nice. I had such a nice letter from Dolly Sladden at Christmas time, it was so good of her to write to me. Please tell me in your next whether I sent you the schooling fund money in November for September, if that is so I will send it now for December. I suppose George will soon be going to the front, many troups seems to be on their way just now. I heard from Mary Elies[?] this morning. Some neighbours of theirs are still uncertain about the fate of their son. Edwin and Eleanor dined with me one day last week. Anna had taken Dalgarno to town to have his hair cut so it was [?].

With love to you all.

Ever your affectionate sister
Mary Anna Robinson

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1 double sheet of notepaper
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Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service
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