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May 16th 1915 - Letter from Polly Robinson to her sister, Eugénie Sladden

16th May 1915
Correspondence From
Polly Robinson, Marshgate House, Richmond
Correspondence To
Eugénie Sladden, no address given but assumed to be at Seward House, Badsey
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Marshgate House

16th May 1915

My dear Eugénie

Thank you for your letter, I hope by this time George and Arthur are quite well again, but of course you must be very anxious about George, we can only pray for him, he must feel how much men are wanted and of course is glad to be helping, give my love to him when you write. Harry came home last Sunday morning and stayed till the evening, he joined us at church in the morning, in the evening we all went again but then he sat with his “Lads” as it was Church Parade, he is with us again having arrived on Friday afternoon, he has to return to Windsor this evening, after all he will not be camping in Windsor Park but the move instead will be to somewhere in Kent, but at present he does not know where, he looks very well. This afternoon he has gone to Church Parade with his Scouts at Kew, he has somewhere about 60 now, to say nothing of “Lads”, his Assistant Scout Master looks after them well. Fred has been in Paris more than a week and hopes to go to Nancy tonight so we shall not have him home just yet. Florence went for a walk yesterday afternoon but it affects here breathing and also sometimes gives her a pain, so I shall be glad when the weather settle again so that she may be able to sit out of doors. It is milder today but rather dull. On Ascension Day, Anna, Dalgarno and Nurse came for the day to fetch some summer clothes, it was a very wet and cold day but Dalgarno enjoyed himself in the music room with me, he is growing and is thin but Anna says not so thin as he was, he is very well, by and by Anna is going to Weymouth when Folkestone prices get too high. Fanny and Charlie had supper with us last night so as to see Harry. Edwin has been very poorly, Miriel also and Miss McCully so ill that Fanny had to send for her Mother to fetch her home, it is impossible to keep her as Governess, she has become so very delicate, it is a pity and Fanny is very sorry for they like her so much and Fanny must at once look for someone to replace her. Eleanor is so grieved at parting with her. Fanny’s Belgians have had notice that they must return to Malines or they will have to pay a fine, his services are evidently wanted at his shop, so they are trying to get their passports all right for starting, the baby is splendid, I am so glad all Fanny’s care of him has been rewarded. Jack was so unlucky in weather when he was with us. I hope when he comes again it will be better. I am sorry Kathleen has further to go to the new school but of course everything must give way to preparations for the wounded. I hope next term May may get some more paying pupils, I don’t know how many they can take tomorrow. I have my British and Foreign Bible working party again, then we wait for a fortnight and have the last of the lessons. Mrs Hilditch will have the sale of work on the 3rd June, on the 8th I am having a Missionary meeting for SPCK in the garden if fine. I have asked Mrs Lambert to come and help me with it. I hope your new servant will get into your way and become a comfort to you. I had a nice long letter from Mary last week. One of Georgie Livesey’s daughters is engaged to a Mr Arthur Roberts. With love to you and Julius and you all.

Ever your affectionate sister
Mary Anna Robinson

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1 double sheet of notepaper
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Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service
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