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Short-lived row of four cottages in Manor Road

In about 1906, a row of four cottages was built opposite Corner Cottage at the junction of Manor Road and Golden Lane, Wickhamford.  They were probably erected by the Trustees of J. P. Lord, who owned most of the land and properties in the village.  The houses on the opposite side of the road, 52 & 54 Manor Road, were built in 1906, after an older property was demolished on that site. George Lees-Milne, who had bought Wickhamford Manor in 1907, was renting the terrace properties from the J. P. Lord Trustees in 1913.  The only photograph showing the short terrace was taken in about 1913 and has members of the Halford, Brotherton and Pitts families.  (The three ladies are sisters, born Moulbery.)

Based on this photograph and the layout of the cottages as shown on Ordnance Survey maps, Ian Gibson produced the picture below, showing their probable appearance.