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100 Years of Badsey Recreation Ground, 1920-2020



Badsey Recreation Ground was opened on 15th May 1920.  This 28-page A4 booklet by John Sharp charts the story of the planning which took place beforehand and a description of how the ground has been used in the last hundred years:  as the home ground of Badsey Rangers, host of the annual Badsey Flower Show, and a popular place for dog-walkers and families.

Please note that the actual cost of the booklet is £2.50.  With all our other publications we charge £3 for postage.  As we only have one price on our website for online orders, we have reduced the cost of the booklet to £1 so that you are paying a total of £4, which would normally be made up of £2.50 + £1.50 p&p.