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April 25th 1919 - Letter from Mela Brown Constable to her fiancé, Major Cyril E Sladden

25th April 1919
Correspondence From
Mela Brown Constable, Riverwoods House, Marlow-on-Thames
Correspondence To
Major Cyril E Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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Riverwoods House, Marlow-on-Thames


My own dear Cyril

All parcels containing clothes and things I left behind have arrived safely and the bedspread came today. The latter has been the admiration of all beholders. A present came for you personally today – from “your future cousin, Irene”. It is a very charming jam jar – Wentworth pottery. The Orchards sent us a silver butter dish. I wrote this evening to them. Irene’s address is: Kent House, Oxton, Cheshire.

I’ve suddenly jumped to the conclusion that Maud’s silver box is an afternoon tea-caddy. I put this on my list. Barbara has given us a set of four silver egg cups with stand, and spoons.

With Mrs Graves’ cheque I bought six silver “rat-tail” tea-spoons. They came today.

Mother has given us, in addition to anything else, a cream jug and basin to match the silver tea-pot we’ve got. These have also come.

We shall have a very nice array of presents when the time comes.

Mother has written to Dr Baker and asked him to the wedding.

Aunt Jessie is coming the day before and is going to help Mother – doing the flowers in the house etc.
Mrs Wild says that all the church fees are paid by the bridegroom. The organist’s fee is 2 guineas plus 1/- each choir boy making £2.12 in all and then I believe the verger gets something – possibly George will know.

Mother is willing to pay organist etc but I felt you would rather do so, if it is the usual thing. Mr Wild had to pay at his wedding.

I haven’t heard from Miss Timpson today and if I don’t hear in the morning I shall go to see her on Monday.

Saturday being early closing day in London I could get nothing else done if she should be out.

I won’t attempt to meet you and May – just a mere glimpse on a station is too tantalizing. If you want to see me particularly, wire c/o Miss Timpson and arrange a meeting for tea about five o’clock. I shall try to catch the 5.40 or of course if you wish you could come on to Wood Green. I shall try and purchase the bed on Monday morning – then have an early lunch and proceed to Wood Green after. If I find nothing suitable during the morning – I will then try and purchase locally at Wood Green.

Don’t come unless you particularly want to see me. I’m sure you’ve got heaps to do. I shall understand. It is just a wee bit tantalizing for us both to be so near and yet so far. But there will soon be an end to that!
I went to see Mrs Graves today. She is very pleased you and George are going to them.

I’ve written to Frances Moisey and given her definite instructions and given her Betty’s address.

It is not possible to alter the hour of the wedding. It would inconvenience the organist and other people. The Slough idea is a good one. Will you arrange for the motor to go this distance when you are here on Friday or shall I?

In haste. With lots of love and a kiss from

Your devoted

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