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April 28th 1912 - Letter from Charlotte Hayward to her sister-in-law, Eugénie Sladden

28th April 1912
Correspondence From
Charlotte Hayward, Muritai, 17 Millfield, Folkestone
Correspondence To
Eugénie Sladden
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April 28th

17 Millfield

Dear Eugénie

I was glad to have your letter which I will [?] instead of writing to May for she will have returned to me.  It was pleasant for the girls to have a day together.  I remember John and I went up the Dart from Torquay - I am very glad the change is doing you so much good and that you like your quarters, the garden must be very pleasant with sheltered seats - I am very sorry Juliet is in the doctor’s hands but hope you will soon have better news, the cold wind has been very searching and perhaps that gave her cold.

Dolly went off on Friday, Mrs Davies wanted her to go rather earlier than at first arranged as Eileen, the step-daughter, was going away soon, I heard from Dolly this morning, she had been on the [?].  I had watched [?] men going up in flying machines, [?] she expected [?] Parade and she said both the [?] were very jolly.

I do not quite know when I shall go to London.  Aunt Lizzie would like to spend the inside of a week in London with Miss Gardner and would like Dolly to join them, that would be about 14th May and in that case I should not go to town until the end of that week.

Aunt Lizzie has not been well so the visit may not come off and then I should go earlier to town.

I think as I shall be half way to Badsey I would like to spend a week with you but if Aunt Lizzie’s visit comes off it would not be until after Whitsun.

We must have a fortnight in London, the Parks are so pretty in May and there is so much to see.  I have asked Aunt Lizzie to let me have a line soon for I must engage rooms in fairly good time.

Looked at the places you mention.  I remember very well we walked one Sunday evening to Eckington, I went to a service, the thatched cottages added to the beauty of the place.  We went by bus I think to Babbacombe and there’s a place beyond with very white sand and red cliffs and green trees.  We also went to St Austell’s Bay and to Daddy Hole or something like it, but it was ages we were there, I know it was a wet week and that it was in July.  

Mr Balletine had a lovely garden at Acock’s Green.  I am sorry you cannot send a better account of Kate Gardner.

Aunt took Dolly to the theatre last week, they saw “Passers By” and last Tuesday we took our lunch [?] taking Fanny’s two little girls and their nurse to Elham.  We eat our lunch in a sheltered spot and then the others went into a wood which was carpeted with bluebells.  The wind was rather high but the country was looking lovely and Elham is a very pretty village.  

Friday evening Miss de C and I went to a Primrose League entertainment.  Philip Sassoon [?] spoke extremely well and Mr Rothschild gave us a very interesting lecture upon Egypt with [?] and light views and there was some music as well.
How terrible the loss of the Titanic with so many on board.  I had no idea that icebergs were such a danger upon that route.

Dolly was asked to assist with the tea at an entertainment on 2nd May for GFS and as she would, had not Mrs Dupres written.  She hopes to see Mrs Harding at [?], the lady she travelled with and also some other passengers.

I hope Julius will get away during the summer.  Ethel must try and come to Folkestone during the season and we must talk about May and Dolly’s trip when I see the former.

Please give my love to Mrs Balletine should you get to see her again.  Fanny’s little girls have such rosy fat faces.  I believe Harry is with Aunt Polly.

With love to you both and hoping you will return home much stronger.

Believe me

Your affectionate sister
C M Hayward

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1 double sheet of notepaper contained in envelope of 1st May 1912 addressed to Juliet Sladden
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Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service
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