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May 1st 1912 - Letter from Eugénie Sladden to her daughter, Juliet Sladden

1st May 1912
Correspondence From
Eugénie Sladden, Belgrave Hotel, Torquay
Correspondence To
Juliet Sladden, The Grove School, Highgate
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Belgrave Hotel

1st May 1912

My dear little Juliet,

I am so glad to hear you are getting better & hope you will soon get quite rid of this horrid cold & pick up your strength again.  As May says in her letter that Father is writing to me I will send you a few lines this morning & wait to write to Father after I have heard from him. 

It is rather cold & dull here this morning & as I have a little cold, I am staying indoors at present.  Ethel has gone into the town to the Bank & to get some stamps, also another bottle of Emulsion as I finished mine this morning.  I hope poor May-May is not looking too much like a washed out rag after her feverish attack, it was so unfortunate that she caught that chill, you must take care of her & she of you!  Are you not quite tired of the house?  I hope the Doctor will let you go out the next time he comes.  Poor Scot can have had but very few walks lately, I expect he & the cats have been quite companions to you.  Don’t you like the photo of Scot that Cyril took?  I think it is a capital likeness.

I am sending on two letters from Aunt Lottie & one from Dolly for Father & May to see, I suppose Dolly’s visit will be settled up some day.  Ethel has been out with Mrs Lee today, it is lucky she had someone pleasant to go with, as I have kept indoors all day owing to my cold, I hope it will be better tomorrow.

You would like watching the submarines here, they are such queer looking things, like a whale May says.  There have been  very high tides the last few days, you would like to see the waves dashing over the sea wall.  There is not very much sand here except at low tide; at Paignton where we went yesterday there are good sands.

So the hall is being papered, I expect you are rather in a muddle & will be glad when it is finished.  I hope Alice is better & that Brailsford is getting rid of his cough.

With much love dear

I am
Your loving mother

Eugénie N Sladden

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Enclosing letters from Dolly Sladden and Charlotte Hayward.
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