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July 4th 1915 - Letter from Eugénie Sladden to her husband, Julius Sladden

4th July 1915
Correspondence From
Eugénie Sladden, 12 Charleville Circus, Sydenham
Correspondence To
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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12 Charleville Circus
Sydenham SE

4th July 1915

My dearest Julius

I hope you got my postcard yesterday afternoon and must now supplement it by a letter. I hope Mela turned up all right and was looking pretty well. How did you and Charlotte get on at Abbey Manor on Friday? We had quite a nice afternoon in town yesterday. Kathleen and I got up to Victoria about half past twelve, made come about Eastbourne tourist tickets, there weren’t any, and looked up trains. Then we took a bus to Oxford Street, shop gazed a little and met Judy at the Tent Tea House for lunch. Jack met us later on at The Haymarket and we saw “Quiney’s”, a very amusing piece and very well acted. Juliet would much like to join me at Folkestone and is writing to her Aunt Lottie to thank her for her invitation. I think she is rather unsettled about her work just now and inclined to think that teaching is not her vocation. She seems to have rather stuck in her work, especially Greek and Latin and fancies her chances of a scholarship are rather remote; she was to have a chat with Miss Lacey today. I gave her your message about the War Loan and she thinks she would like to put in £5, so I told her what to do. Kathleen had a letter from George saying he meant to put in £100. Kathleen and I are going to Mottingham to tea tomorrow; we shall go by bus from Sydenham to St Mildred’s Church about a mile from Fairmount and there a cab will meet us for the rest of the way. We have not heard yet whether Fred and Florence can come and dine here on Tuesday, I hope they will come. I am awfully sorry to hear that Walter and Violet have had a legal separation. I always thought they were quite a devoted couple and rather wrapped up in each other. Kath says that it was in the paper a few weeks back, but she knows no particulars. I hope you are all getting on all right and that the girls are not quite knocked up with work. My love to Charlotte. I hope she will have a comfortable journey home. I think I shall take the 11.15 from Victoria to Eastbourne on Wednesday. Kathleen is just looking up the local trains. She will not write to you till another day as I am doing so.

Much love to you all from your loving wife
E N Sladden

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Envelope containing 1 double sheet of notepaper
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