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July 21st 1897 - Letter from Julius Sladden to his daughter, Kathleen Sladden

21st July 1897
Correspondence From
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
Correspondence To
Kathleen Sladden
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July 21/97

My Dear Kathleen,

I must write to you this evening for to-morrow I am going to Pandy and shall not be home till very late, if fine I shall “bike” home, and travel with a lamp for the first time.  I have been very busy of late and have had three early mornings a week for the last several weeks, to-morrow is one of them so I shall not attempt to come back but breakfast at the Crown.  

We were quite interested to hear all about your exam, I should think from your account you may have done well, especially if you scrape through in Latin.  We have received invitations to the prize-givings at both Brecon & Bancroft, respectively on 26th & 29th but must decline both, I wonder whether “Jimmy” will manage to take a prize.  I have told Arthur he is to join the Cadet Corps next term as a reward for gaining an exhibition.  Herewith I enclose 10/- which will I think be fully enough to prank you home, auntie Lottie has kindly offered to pay May’s journey there and will send the money on 25th.  If you can get away Wednesday afternoon take the 2.53 from Windsor to Evesham, due there at 7.22 you have a little stop at Reading and a longer one at Oxford, you can look round for Violet Gepp at Reading but she will more probably come by an earlier train, we have not heard yet, if Thursday is the day take the 9.30 from Windsor which will land you at Badsey at 1.32 you can let us know when you write on Sunday so that we may know when and where to meet you.  I think we shall manage to keep some green peas for you this time and I think the gooseberries will hang a fortnight longer.

There is a sale at Pershore next week of new and second hand bicycles I think I must try and have a look at them and see if there is anything likely to suit you girls, I think a useful machine might be obtained from £4 to £6 it is no good purchasing a nearly worn out or inferior one, these are not cheap in the long run, if you and Ethel could learn soon you could half teach May when she comes back from Folkestone. 

I am almost afraid the pony will have to go back before the boys return, Cyril has had a lot of rides and the little Woods too, Ethel has been on once.

With love to you both

I remain

Your affect Father

Julius Sladden

Tell May I hope she will enjoy her stay at Folkestone and that Jack will be able to see her across London 

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1 double sheet of notepaper
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