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March 15th 1899 - Letter from May Sladden to her sister, Ethel Sladden

15th March 1899
Correspondence From
May Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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Ethel Sladden
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March 15th/99

My dear Ethel

Thank you for your last letter, I thought I would not write to you last week as that makes it Kathleen’s turn for a letter next week when I shall be writing for her birthday.

I am afraid I don’t feel very “lettery” this evening though.

I am glad you keep so high in form & it was very good being 1st in German, does Miss Bell or Miss Mosley teach you German now?

I am very pleased with my new bicycle it is a beauty I have got a very nice lamp for it a 10/6 one, it has a key to lock it on to the bicycle so that no one can take it off.  I have had several little rides on my machine but no long ones as yet.

Anna is probably coming about the end of April, if she comes on the 28th she might go with some of us to Stratford to the Merchant of Venice on the 29th.  I hope Ruth will be able to come some time I expect I shall hear from her in a day or two.  We have to send for the tickets on Saturday or Monday at the latest.

Little Francis Edwin was not christened last Saturday after all on account of Mr Walton’s death, he is to be next Saturday. 

Clara had a nice day for her confirmation on Monday, it was at 11.30 a.m. at Bengeworth Church. Mrs Price drove her & Mother up & I came & gave the children lessons over here to mind Baby & keep house.  We decided it is a good thing we don’t have Baby every day, she would play peep-bo with Lily & was altogether rather lively.  Mother said there must have been about 200 candidates altogether there were nearly 100 from Evesham.  Clara looked very nice she had a white dress very simply made & a cap like those we had.  I think she was pleased with the cards Kathleen sent her.  Mother gave her a Bible. She still goes to the class once a week until the first Communion which will be of course on Easter Day.  

I suppose we shall have Jack home for Easter as he is leaving the bank next Saturday & then going to Folkestone for a few days.  It will be nice having him here for Easter.  Uncle Frank also talks of coming.

You will be glad to hear of the postponement of the theatricals, I hope you will be here for all of them now & not only part as you would have if it had been on the 12th.  You cannot get back by the 5.20 train, Father tried to work it out some time ago, but found it was impossible.  I have lent Lily a piece of yours to learn, the Opera Box, I thought you would not be wanting it just now & she wanted a new piece .

With much love to you & Kathleen

I am 
your loving sister

May E Sladden

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