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December 16th 1899 - Letter from May Sladden to her sister, Kathleen Sladden

16th December 1899
Correspondence From
May Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
Correspondence To
Kathleen Sladden
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Dec 16th 1899

My dear Kathleen

It is nice to feel that this is the last of this term’s letters I shall have to write to you.  I am sure you & Ethel are longing for next Thursday & I am just about ready & waiting for the holidays.

Mother sends her love & says she is lazy & so as Jack & I are writing to you she will not write, she has to write to Arthur as well & the fact is she is not very “lettery”.  She hopes you have got on well in your exam & I ditto.  

How are you getting through this cold weather I wonder.  We all are feeling the cold rather this winter, I suppose because we have not had it like this for some time.  Father never likes the cold nor does Jack, & Mother & I seem to feel it more than we used to.  Cyril, of course, is “contrary” he goes out whenever possible without a coat! & this evening cried because Mother insisted on putting a second blanket on his bed!

Baby delights in wearing her woolly petticoat & is also very proud of her muff which she took out today.  On Tuesday morning you should have seen her looking at the snow, she stood up at my window for over twenty minutes & hadn’t eyes or ears for anything else.

It is nice that you are going to have such long holidays, my children will have to begin a little before you go back I expect.  I have almost given up hope of sending Lily in for the exam, it is to depend on how she does these exams & I am afraid the prospect is very  doubtful.

I don’t think you have heard about our 2 dances, next Wednesday Father, Mother, Jack & I are going to one at the Colliers’ & on the 28th Jack & I are going to one given by Mrs Oliver New & Mrs Rowland at Mrs New’s house.  Of course Mrs Rowland invited us, but we have since called on Mrs New as it seemed nicer.  

Father had Mother & me driven up to Green Hill last Monday & we did a round of calls there going besides to the Hope Prices’, the Rowlands’ & the Wildings’.  

Father told Ethel about Kit Savory’s illness.  I do hope he will pull through, it would be a dreadful blow to the Savorys to lose him.  

I suppose Ruth is with you or has been, I really must write to her for Christmas.  I have heaps to do between this & Christmas of course.  

Isn’t the war news dreadful today?  I do hope we shall get some good news soon.

I am not very “lettery” now so will end, I shall be very glad to get you back, I want you to keep me warm in bed!

Goodbye, I hope the next week will go quickly, with much love from 
your loving sister

May E Sladden

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