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July 1st 1911 - Letter from May Sladden to her sister, Juliet Sladden

1st July 1910 [clearly says 1910 but should be 1911]
Correspondence From
May Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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Juliet Sladden
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Seward House

July 1st/10 [clearly says 1910 but should be 1911]

My dear Juliet,

Mother has several letters to write this afternoon, so as hers to you may be rather short I will write too. I expect you are very glad to feel that this month holidays begin!  I will write the quotation from my calendar at the end of this letter, it is a nice one this month.

We are all glad to have made the acquaintance of Mr & Mrs Williams, they had quite a full time during their visit & they said they enjoyed themselves very much.  

On Thursday evening we had quite a big dinner-party, twelve of us, Mr & Mrs Oliver New, & a Mr Knight (a friend of theirs), Dr Beresford Jones & Mr Barnard, so with Mr & Mrs W. & Edith Young we were six couples.  Edith Knight came in to help wait & both Alice & Annie were splendid.  Mother didn’t have too worry at all & the cooking & waiting went without a hitch.  Ethel decorated the table with pale pink roses & we had it lit with six candles shaded with red shades, which we made ourselves out of crinkled paper.  Ethel wore her white satin & looked very nice & pretty, I wore my muslin over satin, & Edith had a pretty pink silk dress.  Some of us played whist or bridge afterwards & every body talked away hard, & seemed to enjoy themselves.  

On Friday morning Mr Barnard met Mr & Mrs W. in Evesham & showed them over the Churches.  He knows so much about the history of them & of the town, they couldn’t have had a better guide.  Mrs W. thinks you are more like Mother than any of us.  I know you will like to hear that.

Edith Young left this afternoon, have you heard that she & Kathleen are going together to the Review at Windsor next Monday, Edith’s brother & Boo will both be there among the Oxford Officers’ Training Corps.

I was very glad you had such a nice time at the Coronation, we were surprised to get your p.c. from Portsmouth.  Here we had a very strenuous week, I don’t know what I should have done without a holiday. This week too has been very full with having so many visitors now we have a little breathing space until the end of next week when Mr & Mrs Bowden, & Mrs Burrows are coming, also Boo & Kathleen. 

We do not break up till July 28th.  You know I expect that next term we are going to move up to the old Grammar School.  I think we shall very likely have about 25 pupils.  

We have all had invitations to Ethelwyn’s wedding which is to be at Folkestone on July 31st.  Father & Mother are going as you know & Ethel, but I don’t know whether any one else will be able to.

I must run to the post with this now & then go & join Father in the garden.

Very much love from 
your loving sister

May E Sladden

The world was not made for us; it was made for ten hundred millions of men, all different from each other & from us; there’s no royal road, we just have to clamber & tumble.
From Adam of Hermiston 

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