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June 13th 1915 - Letter from Kathleen Sladden to her father, Julius Sladden

13th June 1915
Correspondence From
Kathleen Sladden, 12 Charleville Circus, Sydenham
Correspondence To
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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12 Charleville Circus
Sydenham SE

June 13 1915

My dear Father

We were glad to get your letter to Jack yesterday and the enclosed copy of George’s letter which was interesting. The other letter is not from the Miss Godfray I knew; it is not her name or handwriting. It is rather curious; I should imagine it was really a sort of circular sent to the houses of all the officers of the 9th but one does not know what sort of guarantees or authority the writer may have. It would have seemed more natural to act through the officers themselves if the object is to arrange for collection and dispatch of any gifts sent by their friends for the battalion. In any case it is odd to write so much as if you were an acquaintance.

Jack said he saw an interesting letter a few days ago written by one of the CS Transport Section to a friend describing their life out there, going up to the trenches at night and so on. George’s last letter gave more account of his experiences than any we have had yet I think.

This afternoon Jack and I mean to cycle over to Mottingham. I will leave this letter open and let you know how we find Aunt George.

Yesterday Jack went round to see Bert. He is getting on well and hopes to get his discharge this week after which he may get a fortnight or so of leave before going out again. Harold was up I think too; I suppose for the weekend. Bert had been down to Marlow for the christening.

I wonder whether Aunt Lottie will come to Badsey. I hope anyway Mother will manage to get away to Eastbourne and she must not forget that we shall be disappointed if she does not give us a little time here early in July. A fortnight from now, Iladd Lester, the girl I have been coaching, goes up to Holloway for her exam and after that my work will be much lighter. I am afraid she will hardly get a scholarship this year; she really needs a few more months badly just to go over the ground once again and fix her knowledge. She is staying on to try again next year if she is not successful now.

I am glad the roses are so good this year and wish I could come home for a peep at them. I hope Mrs Ashwin is really better again. This warmer weather suits her I expect.

So Father Lopez has joined the Church of Rome. From what I have heard of him I am not in the least surprised. I do wonder what will happen next to the Manor.

Thank Mother for her letter. I am not surprised to hear that she has grown desperate about Ellen. I hope the next may be better. Your news about the bombs on the ship at Gravesend was interesting. I knew some had fallen at Tilbury and Gravesend. I think there has been a lull for the last week in Zeppelin raids. All these things seem to come in waves, as Arthur says, to rouse up the nation. I think it is roused now and Lloyd George seems doing well. If only it had been done six months ago though!

Thank you very much for the gooseberries; we have had some and Mrs Horsman has bottled some.

10 pm – Jack has written also and given news of Aunt George. I hope she will not quite knock herself up. She is a wonderful old woman.

Much love to you all.

Your affectionate daughter

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