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Susanna COLEMAN (1822-1907)

Biographical Details

Susanna Coleman (1822-1907) was the first-cousin-once-removed of Eugénie Narcisse Sladden (née Mourilyan).

Susanna Coleman was born at Ash, Kent, in 1822, the fourth of five children of Thomas Coleman, a farmer, and his wife, Elizabeth (née Noakes).  She was baptized on 11th April 1822.  The family lived at Goss Hall, a large farmhouse on the outskirts of the village, where her father farmed 340 acres.

Susanna never married.  She remained living at Goss Hall until after the deaths of her father in 1856 and mother in 1863.  She then moved to a house, Cyprus House, in the main street, Ash, living there with her widowed aunt, Susanna Mourilyan (née Noakes), her mother’s sister.

Susanna Mourilyan died in 1881; Susanna Coleman remained living at Ash for the rest of her life.  She died on 26th September 1907, aged 85, and was buried on 30th September.

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