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May 12th 1904 - Letter from Eugénie Sladden to her daughter, Kathleen Sladden

12th May 1904
Correspondence From
Eugénie Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
Correspondence To
Kathleen Sladden
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Seward House

12th May 1904

My dear Kathleen,

I got home yesterday evening bringing some of the spoil with me, & a nice fright I had over it.  I had packed most of the china & some of the plate in a small box lent me for the purpose by Auntie & which I was able to take in the carriage with me.  I did so till Reading, but there my train was late & I had to rush across to catch the other one; a porter took charge of the precious box & instead of giving again into my charge told me he had put it in the van, & as the train was just off, I had to leave it so. When I arrived at Badsey what was my horror to find no box, however it turned up all right by a later train, much to my relief, & nothing in it was broken, though one large plate which I had to put in my trunk was rather broken.

Poor Uncle John seemed to lose ground even in the time that I was at Folkestone, he is terribly weak & cannot last very long, I fear.

I went to Sandwich last Friday getting there about eleven o’clock; Aunt Edith gave us dinner early & then Aunt Lizzie & I took the omnibus to Ash to see Aunt Susan; we took over the silver that was given to Uncle George in Glasgow; a large silver loving cup, a silver bowl on an ebony stand & a lovely hot water jug for Aunt Lizzie.  The latter also had a very pretty silver inkstand from her Mother’s meeting.

Of course Aunt Susan was interested to see it all, she was looking pretty well. 

I slept at Sandwich that night & the next day we all went back to Folkestone for the great division which was accomplished to everyone’s satisfaction & without any family jars!  We have got a very pretty cream jug which has the initials of the “original” Mr & Mrs Noakes, a pair of salt-cellars with blue linings, a flat candlestick, a very quaint old punch ladle & sundry other things.  We also have a nice china bowl, 2 large plates, some smaller ones & sundry cups & saucers.  The books & linen are coming by goods train, there is quite a nice lot of the latter.

We have actually engaged another servant, a girl who is kitchen maid at Mrs Hope’s, she may not be able to come for a few days, but I think Mary will stop till she can come.

The man & the cow are expected on Monday, we have not got a house for the man yet & for the present he will bicycle over from Elmley.

Mrs Walker has consented to have the G.F.S. meeting at the Vicarage & actually wants me & Miss Whittaker to lunch there before the meeting.

It is getting late & I must stop.  Father encloses a cheque for your fee, I am very glad you can go to Mrs Burrows for both parts of your exam.

With much love
I remain 
your loving mother  

Eugénie N Sladden

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