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June 3rd 1895 - Letter from Eugénie Sladden to her husband, Julius Sladden

3rd June 1895
Correspondence From
Eugénie Sladden, Ashbourne, Folkestone
Correspondence To
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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3rd June 1895

My dearest Julius,

I was very pleased to receive your letter this morning & find all was going on pretty well at home.  I am staying here till Thursday as on Wednesday we are going over to Ash to see Aunt Susan & shall dine at Rosway on our way back.  Can you manage without me till Saturday? if you had rather I came back on the Friday, I will only stop one night at Surbiton just to pick up Cyril, so let me know which it is to be, Friday or Saturday.  

Poor old Granny is very miserable, she seems pleased to see me however, if only to have someone to tell her grievances to; she certainly is very very weak & it is sad to see her in such a state.  I mean to try & persuade her to go out with me tomorrow if fine, but don’t suppose I shall succeed, she is about as obstinate as you make them.  Charlotte looks rather worn & will be all the better for a holiday, I hope they will be able to get away this month.  I am to be sent out with John presently, Charlotte’s orders being that I should get as much sea-air as possible while I am here.  John is a very good old sort, as thoroughly kind as he can be, & I think his conversational powers have been developed by companionship with Charlotte.

I must write the boys a few lines to enclose with this, so will not write much more to you.  Do you think it would be well for you to put in an advertisement for me in the Evesham Journal this week for a general?  I should be home in time to see anyone who might answer it.  You do not say how Ethel & George are, I hope the latter does not have so many head-aches.

With fond love to you & all the dear children

Believe me
Your loving wife

Eugénie N Sladden

Kind remembrances to Miss Poulton.  I see Mrs Charles Hunt has a son born at Petersham, I think I must write & congratulate Charlie.

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