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November 29th 1890 - Letter from Eugénie Sladden to her husband, Julius Sladden

29th November 1890
Correspondence From
Eugénie Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
Correspondence To
Julius Sladden, Ash
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Seward House

29th November 1890

My dearest Julius,

I was very pleased to get your letter this morning & must now answer it as well as that of Tuesday  which crossed with my last.  I am so sorry the weather should have turned so wintry while you are away, as it makes it so unpleasant to get about.

The Primrose Fête went off very well yesterday; Mrs Horace took it into her head to have a dress rehearsal at half-past three which made it rather awkward for us.  Mrs Allen Haynes asked us in to tea, so I drove up in Cull’s trap with the two girls in the afternoon & they & Jack had tea at the Haynes, then Miss Jourdain & Ethel walked up about six & Miss Jourdain dressed the girls while I was at the tea.  Their jackets covered their frocks completely & as their tableau was the last, they were able to come in front & see the performance.  The best tableau was one about Pear’s Soap, the two servants asking the sweep if he has used Pear’s Soap.  There were three speeches, Mrs Haynes, rather feeble, but better than sometimes; Mrs Moore who spoke very nicely in the place of Lord Lifford who was unable to come, & Mr Cooke, the Provincial Secretary.  The little girls looked very well in their little dresses & I think enjoyed the fun.  Mr Collier called this morning to bring some parcels from the office, he was driving a vey nice little pony which he has bought instead of the grey horse that was lame, I don’t know whether you have seen it yet.  Business seemed going on all right, but Mr Myatt is still ill.

I am sorry to hear of Uncle Tom’s  illness, I suppose he gets quite the old man.  Poor old Miss Marshall died yesterday morning, she had suffered  very much lately.  Mrs Gepp looks a good deal better, I was there on Thursday.  Baby managed to tumble out of his old cradle in the nursery yesterday & bumped his head but does not seem any the worse; I was afraid to put him into the swinging cot again for fear he should fall out of that, so he has got George’s bed & George has the chair-bed; he has another tooth at last.  I am glad to hear better accounts of Aunt Susan, give my love to her.  Tell Charlotte, May’s frock fits very fairly; I should like either the catechism or the Gospels by Mrs Brock, as she is so kind as to wish to give the children one.  The children were pleased to have your letters, they are all well & good.  I must stop now or I shall miss the post.  With love to Mrs Sladden & Charlotte & much for yourself, dear

I remain
Your loving wife

Eugénie N Sladden 

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