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War Memorials in Wickhamford

There are two World War I memorials in Wickhamford, both recording the same ten names.  In the immediate post-war period, a stone plaque, colourfully decorated, was erected on the south wall of the Church of St John the Baptist.  Five of the men listed served with the Worcestershire Regiment.  The criteria for inclusion on a particular memorial were varied; it was up to local memorial committees to decide who to include or exclude.  It is likely that Mrs Helen Lees-Milne of Wickhamford Manor was one of the main people involved with the memorial committee as the first name on the list is that of her brother, Lieutenant Robert Bailey, who never lived in Wickhamford.  In addition to the main memorial, there is also an individual memorial for Robert Bailey.

At some stage in the post World War II period, a brass plaque was placed in Wickhamford Memorial Hall with the words, “Dedicated to the memory of the men and women of this village who served their country during the two world wars and to those who gave their lives.”  Ten names are recorded from the First World War and four names from the Second World War.

The biographies of the men listed on the war memorial have been compiled by Tom Locke.  If you have any further information, please contact