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April 26th 1919 - Letter from Mela Brown Constable to her fiancé, Major Cyril E Sladden

26th April 1919
Correspondence From
Mela Brown Constable, Riverwoods House, Marlow-on-Thames
Correspondence To
Major Cyril E Sladden, Seward House, Badsey (readdressed to 13 Bath Road, Bedford Park W4)
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Riverwoods House


My own dear Cyril

Your letter to hand this morning – reference the hour of the wedding being changed. This cannot be done and is not necessary. We shall be back at the house by 3.30 – and I promise you I will be ready dressed to go away by 4.20 – which will give us ample time to catch the 5pm from Maidenhead. Don’t worry about it all – everything will go quite smoothly and we shall have plenty of time.

My wedding dress slips off easily and it won’t take me many minutes to slip into another one. All packing will be done before I go to the church. A maid we had when we were babies is coming to help and two others and the former is a good packer and would see that all I needed was popped in. The guests themselves leave by the 5.15 so they are not likely to try and make me linger.

You and George are expected to supper on Friday evening, so come direct here. There will be a small family gathering here that evening so don’t say you’ll arrive at the Graves’ for dinner.

I received a cheque for £50 from Wilfred this morning. Mother got us a present from him for which I shall pay her out of this £50. It is a beautiful “fine” sugar bowl, made in the shape of a basket – it is an exquisite little thing. The rest of the money I shall bank. It is most awfully good of Wilfred – I hardly like taking it.
I have written to your Aunts at Richmond and Addlestone and also to your Uncle Fred. The fish carvers will be most useful as well as ornamental.

It is snowing hard here at the moment, and yet when Mother and I went to the Early Service this morning, it was a perfect spring morning, the sun shining brightly. The garden was looking so pretty with daffodils and forget-me-nots. Bar is very sad to think they may be spoilt by this snow.

Mother is arranging for May as well as Ethel and Betty to be put up on the 2nd – now that May is coming earlier.

Saturday will soon be here now – nevertheless the time passes slowly.

Your letters read as though you are a bit nervy about things going off all right. Don’t allow yourself to “worrit” old man. I am being very calm!!! The great thing is to be married – all the etceteras barely concern us – and also we shall easily catch that train. What a relief it will be when 5pm comes and we are whirled up to Town as Mr & Mrs Boo!

No more goodbyes or goodnights.

All my love, dear heart. God bless you and keep you safe until we meet.

Ever your own

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