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August 7th 1915 - Letter from Arthur Sladden to his father, Julius Sladden

7th August 1915
Correspondence From
Arthur Sladden, No 9 General Hospital
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Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey (readdressed to c/o Mrs Fellows, Eynsford, Eastbourne)
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No 9 General Hospital


My dear Father

Since I last wrote my plans have largely formed themselves. Later orders from the War Office showed several considerable disadvantages in temporarily withdrawing from the service, and as they are prepared to grant a reasonable leave, I have felt bound to sign on again for another year’s general service. Of course that doesn’t preclude home service, but it will probably be better not to try for that just now, unless any urgent reason arose. I hope to get an appointment as a pathologist soon, which would carry a small increase in pay and promotion to Captain will also follow shortly; I should lose that by dropping out for a few weeks and knowing what I do of the service it is never advisable to drop seniority in any way.

I must confess the great reason for carrying on is the feeling that they want and will want men, and that at this juncture to drop out would make me feel rather a rotter. And secondly the prospect of work in England which would be both sufficiently hard, and also enabling me to live with my wife, is not very good.

It is a great disappointment to us both, but has to be faced, and my great hope is that coming events will make it easier for Mary to face it.

I hope to get a fortnight’s leave fairly soon. I applied for the second half of August, and should hear fairly soon about it. I want to see about the flat, get some new clothes, and then get down to Mary as soon as possible. I can’t tell yet if I’ll be able to come to Badsey, it depends on several things. Several men here are either ill or away on leave, so we are fairly busy. It is hot and muggy, and altogether a period of leave will be very welcome.

I have no very recent news of George or Cyril, but suppose that the latter’s regiment has been in action. I notice several CS Rifles men get the DCM so I suppose they also have had a good deal of fighting. I had a line from Horder a few days ago – he is out for 3 or 6 months at Étaples with the Allied Forces hospital.

These are anxious days, and yet I feel less pessimistic than four months ago. I suppose national service is coming: I think that could do more than anything to hearten most people. Have you any news of Badsey lads? Have any more joined of late? I have come across a few of the Worcesters, but generally from the Birmingham region.

I suppose Mother and Juliet are back by this time. I wrote to Aunt Lottie some weeks back, in answer to a letter. Folkestone and Shorncliffe form a big military centre now I suppose.

I hope you’ll be able to get the fruit in and dispose of it.

With much love to all.

Your affectionate son
Arthur F S Sladden

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