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October 13th 1898 - Letter from Eugénie Sladden to her daughter, Kathleen Sladden

13th October 1898
Correspondence From
Eugénie Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
Correspondence To
Kathleen Sladden
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Seward House

13th October 1898

My dear Kathleen,

I ought to have written to you last night, but I began by writing to Arthur & when I had finished that, it was late & I was too tired to begin another letter.  This afternoon I walked up to Evesham with Cyril, took him to the dentist’s to have his little teeth out & also to the hairdresser’s to have his hair cut.  I did a good lot of shopping as I had not been in the town for a long time,& we took the train home again. I feel pretty tired tonight the Baby did not give me a very good night & we still have to get up early & see about breakfast, for though Clara is better, she is not up to doing much yet. May wants you to send Kitty Klambrocasti’s address, this is for the third time of asking so please don’t forget; I don’t think you always look over your letters to see if there is anything to answer.  Did Ethel ever give you the hooks & eyes? I sent them in a letter addressed to her, about a fortnight ago.  Mr & Mrs Savory have gone to Cromer, Joyce also; they will see Cynthia there.  In her absence I aim to collect the Badsey clothing - club money, only the people have to come here, so this morning about twelve o’clock a small army of children arrived at the back door with money & books.  Chedworth appears to be about twelve miles south of Cheltenham, & about 25 miles from here; how does Ruth like the idea of living in the country? You will be pleased to hear that having managed to fit in the stockings & mendings pretty soon after last week, we have actually done some things out of the ottoman, some garments that had been in there for months I am sure.  We have been much interested in reading the Archbishop’s charge, he is speaking on various disputed points of doctrine & is most clear & sensible in his way of explaining matters not leaving too much to one party or the other, you will like to read it some time I think.  With much love to Ethel & yourself dear

I am

Your loving mother

Eugénie N. Sladden

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1 double sheet of notepaper
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Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service
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