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August 11th 1908 - Letter from Eugénie Sladden to her daughter, Ethel Sladden

11th August 1908
Correspondence From
Eugénie Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
Correspondence To
Ethel Sladden, at Petone, Upper Deal, Kent
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Seward House

11th August 1908

My dear Ethel,

We were pleased to get your letter & Juliet’s this afternoon & I expect you will be looking for a letter from me, so I will write a few lines just before supper time this evening.

We were surprised by Father & Cyril walking in, we had not expected them till the last tram, but they found they could come round by Birmingham & so avoid the long wait at Worcester; their bicycles however got left on the platform at Birmingham.  They seem to have quite enjoyed their little trip & had good weather for the most part.  

May & I walked over to Bretforton this afternoon & called on the Pember Reeves, Mrs P R was at home & a daughter named Beryl about 16 or 17.  They appear to be a large family & there is also a sister of Mrs Pember Reeves & her children, so they are a houseful.  We talked about New Zealand & they seemed pleasant.

I heard from Arthur & George this morning.  Arthur is enjoying his holiday, “of course”!  George had been on the sick list for a couple of days he thought from the heat of the sun, but was better & hope to start work again today.

Miss Holmes starts on her holiday on Thursday, she took the class at Sunday School on Sunday, so as to give Mela a holiday; Mr Windley gave us a very good sermon last Sunday.  Mrs Richard Field at Aldington is dead & also Ethel Cave’s baby, I think May told you of the arrival at the Post Office.  I called to enquire after Mrs Lees-Milne on Saturday, tell Juliet I took Scot rather more than half way across the fields, then told him to go home or Simon would be after him; he sat down & looked miserable, but went back when he had lost sight of me.  He was not so good today, but came slinking after us & turned up just as we rang the bell at the door.  Give her a good kiss & say I will write to her before long.

Where are you going to leave her when you join Jack & May?  The latter sends love & says she will take her blue muslin, white coat & skirt, blue ditto, a black evening skirt & some blouses; she is taking Kathleen’s little box which she is having mended; she may perhaps buy one or two things in Brussels, so may be glad if you have a little extra room in your box.

With much love to you both, hoping you will have a very jolly time in Belgium (I don’t think you will see Ethelwyn, she is at Harrogate with Archie)

I remain
Your loving mother

Eugénie N Sladden

P.S. Love to all at Deal & Sandwich, how is Norah looking?


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