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Charles Archibald MOURILYAN (1882-1920)

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Charles Archibald Mourilyan (1882-1920), known as Archie, was the nephew of Eugénie Sladden (née Mourilyan) and the cousin of Jack, May, Kathleen, Ethel, Arthur, George, Cyril and Juliet Sladden.

Archie was born on 2nd September 1882 at St Leonards on Sea, Sussex, the fifth of six children of Frederick James Mourilyan and his wife, Caroline Florence (née Gardiner).  His parents were staying in the home of his Gardiner grandparents at the time of his birth.

Archie was educated at Bradfield from 1896-1901 and at Clare College, Cambridge.  He was ordained for the priesthood and became curate at York and Camberley.  In 1911 he was described as a Clerk in Holy Orders and was boarding with the Pickett family at The Limes, Record Road, Emsworth, Hampshire. 

On 22nd April 1914, Archie married Sylvia Ida Parkes at St James, Emsworth, Hampshire.  His uncle, Canon Evelyn Gardiner, conducted the wedding service, together with Sylvia’s uncle and the Rector of Emsworth.  After a reception at Emsworth Town Hall, the couple left for their honeymoon in Paris, Switzerland and Italy.  They had three sons:  Darrell Courtney Frederick (1915-1984), Alec James (1916-1940) and Harold Denys (1918-1940).

Archie served as a temporary chaplain to the Forces during the First World War.  He was of a sensitive disposition and found it difficult to cope with the pressures of the world.  Archie ended his life on 27th October 1920, aged 38, whilst visiting his father in Bournemouth; he was found dead in a room full of gas.

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