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March 1st 1916 - Letter from Eugénie Sladden to her son, Cyril Sladden

1st March 1916
Correspondence From
Eugénie Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
Correspondence To
Cyril Sladden
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Seward House

1st March 1916

My dear Cyril

It was a great disappointment to all of us that you were not able to get your leave after all and have now gone so much further, however we must hope that it is only a postponement and that a little while hence we may see you back again safe and sound. Poor Mela looked rather white and down after your letter arrived, but she is a brave girl and tries to make the best of things. She is away for a little while; last Sunday afternoon Dr Leslie sent for her in a great hurry to know if she could go to a very serious case of operation at Ashton under Hill, he had to operate on a girl there as quickly as possible, so she put on her uniform and went off in the motor that was sent, as quickly as possible. I had a line from her today, and she asked me if I would write to you, send her love and say she was afraid she could not write to you this week as her patient required constant attention and she could not give her mind to writing. Someone else is helping with the nursing, so I hope she will not be overdone; the Doctor was satisfied with the patient yesterday, but evidently it is quite uncertain how things may go. Just before getting this job, Mela had arranged to go today and stay with the Moneys at Folkestone, but of course she had to put that off.

It is awfully kind of you dear to think of your old Mother and send her such a nice present. I shall value it very much, it has not arrived yet. Did I ever tell you that we used the pretty table centre on Christmas Day? I have had one letter from George since he got back, he found his regiment resting in billets, his section had had rather bad luck in his absence, a bomb from an aeroplane burst among them, killed one man and badly wounded two.

Rosie went to see Juliet at her school on Saturday and had tea with her and they had quite a good long talk together. So far she is rather shy with the rest of us, I think we are a bit old for her and she and Juliet are more of an age and will have more in common. I want her to come and stay here when she has a holiday that she may get to know us better. I could wish that her home surroundings were rather different, I don’t think she has a very lively time of it, or many advantages. Kathleen was home for the weekend, we enjoyed having her and it quite cheered me up; I have had about a month in the house and a good deal of it in my room, but the Doctor was quite pleased with me last Thursday and I may go out as soon as the weather is fit; just lately it has been horrid, a lot of snow and very cold wind, so the house is the only place for me. Father and May have had some horrid journeys up and down and Ethel has had to help in a school entertainment at the old School and you know how pleasant snow and slush makes that sort of thing.

I hope we shall soon be getting more news of you though I suppose it will take longer now for letters to come. Try and let us know where you are if possible.

With much love
Your loving Mother
Eugénie N Sladden

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1 sheet of notepaper
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Imperial War Museum
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60/98/3 - in envelope entitled "Letters relating to Cyril Sladden"