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March 26th 1916 - Letter from Juliet Sladden to her mother, Eugénie Sladden

26th March 1916
Correspondence From
Juliet Sladden, 12 Charleville Circus, Sydenham
Correspondence To
Eugénie Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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12 Charleville Circus
Sydenham SE

Sunday March 26th /16

My darling Mother

Kath has been suggesting the idea that I should go home next Saturday and she is writing to you to suggest that you should ask Miss Lacey if I may. I think it would be much the simplest way out of the difficulty, as then Ethel can just stay down at Deal until Marian gets back. The last week at school is rather a muddly sort of week anyway and there is very little that I should miss in the extra four days which is all it would mean, and as regards work, only two and a half days, as we end all work on Wednesday at 1 o'clock. I think Miss Lacey would let me go if she saw I was really needed. I shan't say a word to her about it myself, she might think I was just lazy and wanted to get out of a bit of the term, while coming officially from you it would be quite different.

We had such a lovely time at the theatre yesterday. I don't know when I've enjoyed a play as much as "Romance". The acting is absolutely splendid, and Kath and I both agree with George and think that the play is good too. Doris Keane of course is the making of the play, she is so wonderful. There are only two other parts that are big parts, Owen Nares and A E Anson, and they were both excellent, as good in their way as Doris Keane I think, although their parts are not so striking as hers. If Kathleen is enthusiastic over the play, you can imagine what I, who have seen about a quarter as many plays feel!

Kath heard from Det yesterday and she spoke of returning home next Wednesday, but Kath has written to tell her that she is suggesting to you my going home, and she wants Det to spend a day or two here on her way back from Deal. I think it is an excellent plane, and you certainly need somebody at home, especially as it is nearing the end of May's term.

You will be interested to hear that Joyce Ashby has been chosen Captain for next term; we are all frightfully pleased about it. I have had a move up too as I have been elected Senior Prefect.

It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday and is quite nice today but there is a very cold wind.

I shall go up to town by Kath's train tomorrow morning. I have to be back at school by 9.15.

I am enclosing the letter I had from my French correspondent. I thought you would be amused to see it. I think her English is really very good.

I am glad Mela is getting a holiday. She wrote quite cheerfully from Folkestone to Kathleen. Ethel is having a busy time, but I dare say the change of air and occupation is doing her a lot of good; it will be nice too if she can put in a day or two here to finish up with.

Kathleen and I went down to St Bartholomew's this morning; a friend of Archie Mourilyan's preached, his name is the Reverend Monroe, Vicar of Mortlake, he preached a very good sermon.

Miss Lacey was struck with a new idea last Sunday. She has appointed each senior girl (ie a girl over 17) to take in her charge one of the little ones and look after her in every way she can. The chief work consists in relieving the little one's mistress by looking after the state of their clothes and chest of drawers. I have got Eleanor Cromie; I dare say you remember having seen her at my confirmation.

With much love to all
From your affectionate daughter
Juliet E Sladden

PS - You won't be long, will you, in letting me know if you want me home early?

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