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October 30th 1910 - Letter from May Sladden to her sister, Kathleen Sladden

30th October 1910
Correspondence From
May Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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Kathleen Sladden
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Oct 30th/10

My dear Kathleen,

I must send this to Norwich, you will probably enjoy a letter more there, being likely to have more time to read it!  I speak feelingly on the subject having been moderately full up as to work-& play – the last few days at any rate.

Mother left on Wed, the Chrysanthemums Show day, Ethel gave her children a holiday that day instead of Saturday & spend the morning at the Public Hall over dinner table, bouquet etc with Father, Juliet & Alice in attendance (Brailsford attended at night to help clear up).  She got second prize for dinner table, I didn’t care for it much myself, even Father thought she was lucky to get 2nd.  However the bouquet was really nice, but did not get a prize though I think it deserved one.  We all put in an appearance at the show in the afternoon, paid a visit to our white cat who got V.H.C. – not quite so high a distinction as it sounds perhaps, for almost all the cats who didn’t get a prize got the same, so one couldn’t help a suspicion as to the soft heartedness of the lady judge.  However it made a lot of people happy Judy included!

Friday morning was very wet here, I caught the 9 o’clock train by the skin of my teeth & I think also by the help of Harold Allsebrook who must have told them I was coming, & we let the children go before 12, by which time all Evesham as it seemed was streaming towards the station.  Ethel & Judy & Muriel & Enid came up by train & we all joined Father who had tickets admitting us to the station yard.  We got a good view of the King & Queen as they entered the motor & drove off.  There was no cheering from the select few near the station, but outside the gate the crowd cheered & waved.  Alice came up by train with the others & got a good view on the bridge.  After the excitement we six all went back to Father’s office & lunched there on sandwiches, buns & wine & water, Ethel & I & Muriel went on to Worcester to the Cricket Club bazaar by the 1.40 train, Juliet stayed for her drawing class & afterwards she & Enid & Marian Openshaw who had joined them all went with Father to have a second view of their Majesties on their return to the station, & then went home by train.  Judy much enjoyed herself, as she expressed it “The King bowed to me & I smiled at the King” Enid also said she hadn’t had such a lovely day for a long time.  She finished off with tea here & then was sent home on Juliet’s bicycle. 

Meanwhile Ethel & I had found Mrs Collier at the bazaar looking out for us, she had asked us over to go to it & go to supper with them afterwards, so it meant coming back by the late train.  We were quite impressed with Vincent, he had developed into quite a personality & had lots to say for himself.  We found Father deep in my book from the Evesham library, when we returned, so I don’t think he had found the evening long.

Have you ever come across “Father & Son” by an anonymous author?  It is about a Plymouth Brother & his son – character sketches of them both, very well written & most interesting.  Father is quite enjoying it, & so did Mother.

I am glad Jack enjoyed “Lewis Rand”, Father is sending Judy & Mother & me a Scott, “Redgauntlet” it helps along needle-work and if one does find one’s attention wondering here & there over the dull pages it doesn’t matter much!

Judy has been doing some drawn thread work under my supervision, she made a tray cloth for the bazaar not so badly with a little help & now is starting on a Xmas present.  

Father wrote to Miss Lacey to ask about exhibitions at that school, but has not had a reply yet.  I hope it will be favourable, I certainly am more attracted by that school than by any of the others whose prospectuses we have had.  Father likes it too, Mother I think hankers rather after the sea-side, also she doesn’t want the fees to be too high, I forget exactly what the Highgate fees are, but I don’t think they are so much higher than some of the others.  Ethel keeps a distinct silence about the whole matter, one can only hope she will approve of the final decision whatever it may be.  She is still out in the village from tea to supper time (or, to be accurate, a few minutes beyond) there is still the tail end of the Hunt Memorial to occupy her, & the ever present Primrose League.  Next week we want to have the Rummage sale, & then there is to be a P.L. entertainment & a whist-drive for the cottages fund, both if possible, to be got in before Advent, so we can’t expect her to be punctual for supper yet awhile!

Yesterday she & I cycled up to call on Mrs Rudge who is leaving for London next Sat.  I had never been to Abbey Manor before.  A Miss Parminter was there, sister to the one who was lately married & infinitely superior to her in style, manner & looks.  This one has been in St Petersburg & I imagine must be staying on now with Mrs Rudge as governess to the children.  She struck me as being particularly charming & nice.

I was pretty busy yesterday morning with Bullace cheese to make & all the cooking, Ethel had her children for lessons so I had Alice to help me in the kitchen.  I am trying to do a little, if ever so little, to improve Annie while Mother is away, but it is most difficult, especially as I am not able to be at her beck many times in the day.  I am afraid she gets worse & worse in her work, it does make me feel wild sometimes, I think Blanche would sympathise with me, I know she would get wild too!  

Give Blanche my love please & say I intend to write to her sometime, she may be interested to hear how the school goes on.  

I hope Bonnie is keeping stronger.  My love to Mrs Gepp too. 

I expect you have enjoyed seeing Norwich, I wonder if you have been to the Cathedral today.

Much love from
your loving sister

May E Sladden

The parcel for rummage has come but we haven’t unpacked it yet.

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