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May 17th 1903 - Letter from Julius Sladden to his wife, Eugénie Sladden

17th May 1903
Correspondence From
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
Correspondence To
Eugénie Sladden, at Delph House, Sandwich
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May 17/03

My dearest Wife,

We have had another showery Sunday and I have been unable to do anything outside, I went to Wickhamford Church this morning and am now keeping house while Ethel has gone to service here.

Mr Perry came to breakfast as there was early Communion and he also had tea but dined at Mr Idiens, we went over there to supper last evening and, as normally did not get home very early.

I think perhaps it is better that you should get the Norwich visit in as you suggest.  You had better take the 9.32 train from Sandwich on Thursday morning which should land you at Cannon Street at 12 o’clock then take a cab to St Pancras and put your own luggage into the cloak room nearest the platform from which the G E R trains start, then go on in the same cab to Paddington with Juliet and her box, I don’t think the fare is more than 2/6 but you can give 3/- to make sure and 2d for each package carried outside of course you must not keep the man over 15 minutes at St Pancras or he can make a charge, however 5 minutes ought to suffice, when you get to Paddington have the child’s luggage labelled to Evesham and if Ethel has not joined you go and look for her on the departure platform outside the dining rooms, you ought to have nice time to get some dinner together and see them off by the 1.45 train, then go yourself from Praed St by a circle train to Kings Cross which is quite close to St Pancras station and go on by the 2.35 train to Norwich which place you should reach (Thorpe station) at 6.  You will of course advise Mrs Gepp as to time of arrival, by the way send me her address.  Ethel will reach Paddington on Thursday at noon and will of course await you there.  

Now as to my movements – I propose if the weather should be fine and dry to leave Evesham by the early train (taking my bicycle) and travel to Cambridge, sending on luggage in advance to Norwich, then I should ride to Ely and after seeing the cathedral go on to Peterborough and stay there the night, ride to Lynn next morning train to East Dereham and either cycle or rail from there to Norwich, of course if the weather continues wet I shall leave my bicycle at home and alter my plans a bit but shall hope in either case to reach Norwich on Saturday afternoon or early evening.  I shall leave Norwich on Tuesday morning and possibly put in a few hours at Cambridge and if you were returning as early in the week you could accompany me as far as that place and after a look round go on to London while I travelled on here via Oxford, however you may like to stay a little longer in which case you could still have a look at Cambridge en route if you get Archie to escort you.

If you like you could stay a night or two at Richmond on your way back (or with Miss Pollard) and arrange with Jack to go lodging hunting some evening that is if you have some definite place to look at, it would be hardly worth while going on a roving expedition without any special place in view, you might write to Jack if you have anything to suggest, I am writing to him this evening.

I will forward May’s letter which came this morning and any others which may turn up to-morrow, it will be your turn to write to May and Arthur this week.

I suppose you have advised Anna of your plans or rather of George’s, he will take a holiday on Saturday and had better arrange to get to Richmond in good time for dinner on that day, if he takes a train that stops at Waterloo Junction it will be handy, you will no doubt see that he is equipped as to wardrobe, how about head gear, I should think he can dispense with a topper at present, tell him I will send him some money to go on with and for his journey in a day or two, he had better send his work to Dr Wright daily and had better advise him not later than Thursday where to send his papers for next week, I shall probably arrange for him to call upon Dr Wright some afternoon during the exam when he has time. I shall have time table of exam and other instructions sent here these I will post to George at Richmond with any instructions of my own.  I think the boy will work his best but you might take the opportunity of urging upon him the importance of sticking hard at it even when (as will certainly happen) he gets a little sick of it, tell him Dr Wright’s fees will run up to about £40 and I want him to get all he can for the money.

I was interested to get your letter about your visit to Folkestone and to hear all about them, am sorry John has a weakness of the heart.  I thought dear little Juliet would like the sea give her a good kiss for me.  Tell Frank I might be able to take a short week end trip with him after Trinity Sunday but he must bring better weather than last time.

Ethel managed very well at the luncheon the other day.

My love to George and to all at Delph House & with much to yourself dear wife.

I am ever 
Your loving Husband
Julius Sladden

Monday.  Letters from New England this morning & will forward another day.  Please return Kath’s letter for me to answer and let me have Mrs Gepp’s address & also tell the others to whom you write to send this week’s letters to that address.

Don’t forget to change tickets with Ethel.


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