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March 19th 1916 - Letter from Marian Sladden to her aunt, Eugénie Sladden

19th March 1916
Correspondence From
Marian Sladden, St Winifred's, Eastbourne
Correspondence To
Eugénie Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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St Winifred’s

March 19th

My dear Aunt Eugénie

I have several kind letters from Badsey unanswered and Sunday seems to be the best day, especially as I have not gone to church this evening, but instead am supervising letter writing for the younger ones, that means an hour of uninterrupted silence, which one seldom gets in the Staff room, so it is a good opportunity to get on with letters.

I am so grateful to Ethel and you all, there seemed so many problems to face and getting Ethel was such a help. I am afraid here first few days were busy ones, but I hope now Mrs Ladd has come she won’t have so much to do. She will know where everything lives just as I got to know the home of most of your things last summer.

Everyone has been so awfully kind to me here, I have literally had to fight to be allowed to take my usual charges. The Matron tries to send me to bed very early, so one evening I did go at 7.30 and I had a very dainty little supper sent up to me, and every night I have hot milk after I am in bed, I am feeling much better, it had been a very strenuous and trying week. I hope Mother too is looking less tired; but I know she will never leave Norah for very long during the day.

I went round to see Aunt Lizzie on Tuesday, she was out for the first time, on Wednesday Miss Gardiner drove round to see her and I arranged to go there to lunch on Friday; when I got there Aunt Lizzie had just had her [?] which she thought was not going to be till 5 in the afternoon so she was not allowed to come down to dinner, but I sat with her over an hour, she thinks the treatment is doing her good, certainly her eyes look much brighter. Miss Gardner too is under a specialist and she is looking much better. You will be glad to have Mela back, it was a disappointment about Cyril, it is the second time he has so nearly come home. George has been more fortunate. I wonder if that dreadful battle of Verdun will go on much longer, some wounded (I don’t know if they are French) have been sent from there to a hospital here. Today there is a touch of Spring in the air, you must long for the warmer weather and May and [?] for less wet. I think of Juliet and her examination because I am coaching up a girl for Maths in the Matriculation for next December and she only started Algebra and Geometry this term. I have her every day – she is a very unresponsive Scotch girl and I go on pouring in knowledge which I am sure she does not take in, but if I ask her if she understands, always replies “Yes” and certainly she is most conscientious about her preparation, but I do have to brace myself up each time I go to her, it would make such a difference if there were two of them to work together. I am responsible for her Arithmetic and Botany as well. So Aunt Sarah has passed to her rest, I wonder if Uncle went to the funeral. I expect Ethel gives you all Deal news. I am hoping to get a letter from her tomorrow.

With love to you all.

Your affectionate niece
Marian Sladden

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