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May 25th 1895 - Letter from Eugénie Sladden to her husband, Julius Sladden

25th May 1895
Correspondence From
Eugénie Sladden, 57 Avenue Malakoff, Paris
Correspondence To
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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57 Avenue Malakoff

25th May 1895

My darling Husband,

Here I am at last after a horrid journey; but I will go back to the beginning.  Cyril & I got on all right going to London, he looked about him a good deal & was very delighted because he spied out Windsor Castle before I did.  We had to wait half-an-hour at Bishop’s Road & got to Marshgate House a little before five.  As we were walking up from the station Cyril said "don’t forget me, Mother.  So I told him I would be sure not to do that.  Fred & the girls were at home & gave me some meat tea, after which I had to start off again.  Cyril looked a little tearful at parting, but I think he will soon get used to them & he did not seem afraid of his Uncle.  I caught my train all right in London & at Folkestone Junction where I had to change, Charlotte & John met me & came down to the harbour, the former promised to send you a post-card.  Well, I got on board the very small boat, I was the only lady & had the cabin to myself & there were I think seven men passengers.

We had a smooth passage, but soon after we left Folkestone a fog came up & instead of being two hours we were five going across.  We stopped several times & the whistle kept going nearly all night & we were a tremendous time getting into harbour; it was three o’clock when we got off the boat & then I was told we must walk to the town station & wait till six o’clock.  However when I got to the station, the Calais train had not arrived as the Dover boat had had the same bother, so after waiting an hour the train arrived & we got to Paris at eight.  All this time I could get nothing to eat, as there is no refreshment room at Boulogne & the one at Amiens was not open, so it was lucky I had a few sandwiches & some brandy & water with me.

My box was not forthcoming when I got to Paris, it seems to have remained at Boulogne as far as I can make out, so I must go to the station this afternoon & enquire about it, I hope it will turn up, I can’t very well go on to Bourg till it does, as my papers are in it & besides I have only the clothes I stand up in.  I was glad to go to bed for an hour or two when I got to Miss Gratise’ & am now writing this at Joe’s as I have had lunch with Fannie.  I am going down to the office now & shall see if Joe can spare time to come with me & see about my box, the officials here are so awfully stupid.  

I hope you are all getting on pretty well without me & Miss P not in too many tantrums.

Give my love to all the dear children & with fondest love to yourself

Believe me
Your loving wife

Eugénie N Sladden

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