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August 16th 1896 - Letter from Julius Sladden to his daughter, Ethel Sladden

16th August 1896
Correspondence From
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
Correspondence To
Ethel Sladden
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Aug 16/96

My Dear Ethel,

I was pleased to have your letter and very interested to hear such a long account of your day’s trip to Ash and Rosway, which I can quite understand you enjoyed very much.

I hope yesterday proved a fine day at Dover and that the grand function went off successfully.

Jack sends word that he would have written to you but found so many others were sending letters.  I think you had better take the 9.55 train from Folkestone, due at Charing Cross 12.9 (as the trains via Reading are unsuitable) you will then take a cab to Paddington, give the driver 2/- and 2d for each package carried outside, you will then take the 1.30 train from Paddington to Evesham due at 4.7 where you shall be met, be sure and see your luggage labelled for Evesham.

I think George can be booked right through from Folkestone to Evesham which will save taking a fresh ticket in London, of course he will go half price, perhaps Uncle John will enquire as to this and also get your ticket altered to travel via London instead of Reading, as I see by the time tables the route is optional, I meant the booking clerk at Evesham to have left it blank.

Ask Auntie to give you two or three buds of each of the three roses, labels enclosed, if she still has them.  

We have a Worcester festival ticket for Violet Gepp and she is very delighted at the prospect of going.

Cyril has been dictating a long letter for Georgie but I do not think he will have time to copy it all over in ink.

I hope Grannie keeps pretty well and cheerful, tell her I must write to her again when you little folks have returned.  Arthur has helped so well with my budding that I am going to take him to Cheltenham cricket and Mother will pay for Jack.

I daresay Auntie will give you some lunch for your journey and you will be home in plenty of time for a good meat tea, both your trains are fast ones and I daresay with George for company you will not find the time so long as on the former journey.  

Give my love to Grannie, Auntie and Uncle and with the same to Georgie and yourself

I remain
your affectionate Father  

Julius Sladden

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