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October 15th 1896 - Letter from Julius Sladden to his daughter, Kathleen Sladden

15th October 1896
Correspondence From
Julius Sladden, Pandy
Correspondence To
Kathleen Sladden
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Oct 15/96

My Dear Kathleen,

I will write my letter to you, on this occasion, while spending the evening at Pandy.  I am glad your bazaar was so successful I take it you have made nearly the amount you wanted, I thought you would be pleased with the box from home, the cut flowers must have been rather faded for the box ought to have been delivered the night before.  Yesterday I sent some walnuts off by parcel post to Jimmy and to Uncle George and to-day I despatched from Hereford a package for Arthur.

Mother will be writing to May I expect, she has quite a bad cold just now and we have mostly had slight ones at home, I hope May’s is better and that you will not indulge in such a luxury? at present.

I was sorry that, like Humpty Dumpty, you had such a “great fall” in form last week, however I hope unlike that individual, you may soon regain your former estate, I am pleased with your place in Latin, how do the mathematics go now that you are in the premier class?  

We get more cheerful accounts of Grannie still and are pleased to know she takes more interest in matters outside her own ailments. 

I have had a damp and unpleasant drive to-day and am appreciating a cosy room with a good fire this evening.

I expect you were sorry to hear of the sudden death of the excellent Archbishop, he is to be buried in his own cathedral to-morrow, the first internment of an Archbishop there since the Reformation, prior to that it was their usual place of Burial.  

Cyril is very strong just now on statues, he says he wants to invent something so that he can earn one, moreover he wants it erected “before he is dead” so that he can see it! it appears that statue of Harvey at Folkestone has been much exercising his little brain!

You will remember Auntie Fanny would like you to give her a fortnight’s notice of the exeat, if not announced already you had better make enquiry as to date.

I expect you will enjoy the “Princess” and there is always I think a great excitement over a school play.

The short-hand classes commence at Badsey next week Ethel will re-join and I think Jack will try his hand at it.

I am glad you seem to enjoy your dancing lessons more and hope that May will be able to continue them at present, then you must both coach the others a bit at Xmas.

“Dip” got up to sixth in form last week, I expect he will keep working himself up for he is evidently a bright intelligent boy and industrious too, he says he likes his science lessons very much. Of course we were very pleased with Georgie’s position in his new form and are hoping that he will be a good boy and try to maintain it.

To-morrow I go to Abergavenny in the morning and then on to Newport, if I can leave there at 4.34 P.M. I shall get back to Evesham, via Gloucester, at 8.10 this would be more pleasant than that very late train via Worcester.  I really think I have exhausted all my chat and as I want to write to Uncle Frank from here I will say good night.

With much love to you both
I remain
your affectionate Father

Julius Sladden 

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2 double sheets of notepaper
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