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August 18th 1914 - Letter from Mary Sladden to her mother-in-law, Eugénie Sladden

18th August 1914
Correspondence From
Mary Sladden, Port Talbot
Correspondence To
Eugénie Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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The Park House
Port Talbot

Aug 18 1914

My dear Mrs Sladden

Thank you very much for your letter. I had meant to write to you some days ago but was very, very busy getting the flat ready for the McGugans and had no time for letters. Both Arthur and I are very glad the flat is let, I don’t think I could have stayed there at present without him and though our things are bound to be knocked about and damaged slightly, it is better than shutting it up altogether. The Mcgugans seem nice people and they will probably look after everything very well. I am glad they have taken on Louise, I did not want the girl left with nothing to do.

Hubert and Rene and Geoffrey are very well. Geoff has grown and is getting quite a big boy.

Will you tell Mela that I had a very comfortable journey down but was not able to get any tea. It was a fast train and when we got to Cardiff it was too late. After being in London, I feel as if I were lost down here, but that feeling will soon go.

I wish I knew what Arthur is going to do and where he is going but I suppose that will all be kept secret and I shall have to be content with the formal, official postcard. It is hard but I suppose it is the only way.

I sometimes wonder how I am going to go through with it all. It is perfectly awful without Arthur. Thank you so much or your invitation to Badsey, I should like to come to you some time very much.

I am so glad you all liked Newport and had a good holiday there. I know my people have been very pleased to have seen you so often.

We have not heard anything about George, he dined with us about three weeks ago but since then we have not heard anything.

Mela will have told you all news. I did so enjoy having her with me over the weekend though I am afraid she must have found it rather dull. It was very good of Kathleen to let us use her house.

With love to all from

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