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November 26th 1915 - Letter from Eugénie Sladden to her daughter, Juliet Sladden

26th November 1915
Correspondence From
Eugénie Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
Correspondence To
Juliet Sladden, The Grove School, Highgate
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Seward House

26th November 1915

My dear Juliet

It is quite time I wrote your letter or you will not get one this week. It was nice that you were able to meet George on your birthday, and you must have all had a very jolly time together. Isn’t George looking well? And a good deal stouter. It was very nice having him at home again for a little while, but the days soon flew by. I rather fancy that you went to Sydenham again last night to see him, or at any rate that he me you somewhere in town. Are you going to the Bowdens tomorrow? Perhaps after that, Ethel may begin to think about coming home again, we shall be glad to have her back again now. May is beginning to be busy about their entertainment at school, she will be glad when it is over, you will be back in time for it. Mary is waiting for a warmer day to short-coat Baby, she is to be photographed next Tuesday and Arthur and Mary both want her in short clothes for that, so I hope it will hurry up and get warmer, certainly it is a cold November, ten degrees of frost several days and there has been frost 18 days out of the 26. Father is having the Blenheims packed for market, they are very good, scarcely any small ones or bad ones. There was one of these Farmers’ auction jumble sale at Evesham on Wednesday, I hear they made about £400, some of the things were sold over and over again, one goat being sold 80 times and fetching altogether £35!!

I have just been in to see poor Mrs Cull, their youngest girl Evelyn died last week after quite a short illness, it is very sad for them.

I had a long letter from Muriel this week, she is in lodgings at Bexhill near the camp and her husband is able to be with her and they are very happy. She has had a good many more wedding presents; she finds the eiderdown we gave a great comfort and says it makes their room look so much more homey. Mela heard from Cyril dated Nov 12th, he was still at Lemnos and they had been inspected by Lord Kitchener; he doesn’t know how long they will be there. Mela has her day off today but couldn’t come to us as she had been in contact with mumps and scarlet fever, so it would not be wise on account of Baby.

It is post-time, so goodbye. With much love.

Your loving Mother
Eugénie N Sladden

PS – Any visits from the Naval officers lately?

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