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July 15th 1906 - Letter from Ethel Sladden to her sister, Kathleen Sladden

15th July 1906
Correspondence From
Ethel Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
Correspondence To
Kathleen Sladden, The High School, Monmouth
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Seward House

July 15th/06

My dear Kath

It seems impossible to get a letter written to you in the week so I will begin with one to you tonight or I shall be in your bad books, but I think you will understand how it is.  We were much interested getting your letter about the Stevenage post this morning; we hope it will turn out well, it sounds well, except the district, but that does not matter, so long as you do not have to live there.  Jack and George will be much interested.  How glad you will be not to have to go on ever lastingly writing about posts, it is such a good thing to get settled before the holidays.  Father and Mother quite approve of your action regarding the Stepney post.  Many thanks for your letter soon after mid-term.  I quite see how things stand at present, regarding Rissington friends, with May, but it makes one wonder.

The Frisco mail did not come today, I hope it will not be very late.  It really seems like seeing dear old May soon, when one thinks that the Oroya has left England on her way to fetch them home.  You will be delighted with the picture postcards of the rose garden Gegg has taken; Father is sending you four to show your friends.  There are two more of the series, but we have only got the proofs. Arthur has your copy of Judy and the cats in hand, but not quite finished, he will try and let you have it later in the week.  We shall have a lot of people to tea at the Flower Show, an enormous percentage have accepted, they number over forty now, and there are still a few answers to come in, about seven or eight.

I had a nice chatty letter from May last mail, I must show it to you when you come home, which will not be long.  We made strawberry jam, one boiling of raspberry and redcurrant and one blackcurrant last week; we must make more this week.  We are going to tea at Mrs Martin’s on Tuesday, Judy also, as the Openshaws are going as well.  Norah and I went to tea at the Byrds on Thursday.  Yesterday Arthur and I went to the Bartletts to tennis, Father came to tea later also.  I really ought not to have gone as I collapsed to bed in the morning (of course as it was Saturday, and a lot to do) but I soon recovered and managed cycling there and back and two sets of tennis without bad results; and having been asked there before I did not want to have to back out at the last minute.  Mrs Adkins’ garden party is on July 26th.  Father and Jack probably go for their cycle trip on 27th, Arthur also may go down to Sandwich about that time.  He has had numerous letters and postcards of congratulations, among them a letter from Uncle Frank with a cheque for £2. 2 to celebrate the event.  Wasn’t it kind of him.

I have nearly finished my second night gown, and have cut out a blue linen blouse.  My muslin dress is made, I think you will like it.  The Idiens have to be out of their house by the 30th, I do not think most of them care about going.  Arthur and I had a treat at the dentist’s at Worcester on Friday morning, we went by the 9.42, had an appointment at 10.30, and just got away at 12.45 in time to catch the 1 o’clock back; had it been fine we might have stayed to see the cricket match, but it was hopelessly wet, we got soaking riding home from Evesham.  I had two teeth stopped on for the time being, with [?], I shall have to go again in a fortnight’s time and have it done properly.  Arthur had one done.  Did we tell you old Mrs Marshall is dead, she died rather suddenly in the end, but she had been very bad all last winter.  I happened to go and see her just eight days before her death and she was wonderfully well that day.  She had just had her birthday.

With much love
Your loving sister

Ethel N Sladden

Frisco mail not in but one letter from May via Italy.

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